Life in Color at Festival Pier with NERVO, Quintino & TJR

Life in Color returned to Philadelphia for the first show of 2014 at Festival Pier.  The sold-out show featured NERVO, Quintino, TJR, a boatload of production and of course, paint.  Lots and lots of paint.  


There was already a long line of fans eagerly waiting down Columbus Boulavard for the doors to open when we arrived at Festival Pier just before 5:00pm.  The excitement at Festival Pier was palpable as we watched hordes of neon and white clad attendees running wildly into the venue as soon as they had their tickets scanned and passed through security.


Although the paint cannons would remain in the safety position for a few hours, fans wasted no time buying bottles of paint to squirt on their friends.  It even appeared that some people already had paint on them before they even got into the venue!


The show started out with some local openers who warmed the crowd up as best they could given the frigid temperatures and none-stop wind that laid down on Festival Pier.



The first headlining DJ of the night was TJR, who we had the chance to see during the Made in America Festival last summer.   As soon as TJR hit the stage the paint countdown clock appeared behind him, counting down the minutes until the first blast of the night would rain down on Festival Pier.  


Although the temperature continued to drop, there was little that could be done to calm the horde of people in the crowd who were going crazy as they waited for the moment they all came for, the paint blast.  With roughly 5 minutes left on the countdown clock, TJRs set came to a close, and the NERVO twins took over.


The energy levels of the entire crowd grew exponentially the moment NERVO came on as everyone knew that paint would rain down on them any second.  And boy, did it ever.  The first blast was a sensory overload that consisted of confetti and air cannons, mixed with paint blasts from firehouses and guns.



NERVO played for one in a half hours, the longest set of the night, as more and more paint relentlessly rained down on the crowd.



The NERVO twins ended their set by confessing their love for Philadelphia and thanking everyone in attendance.  The night was not over yet as Quintino made his way out onto the stage for the final set of the night.


Although Life in Color had been going on for 5 hours by the time Quintino hit the stage, and even with the cold and windy weather, the crowd showed little to no indication that they were ready to call it a night.


The crowd went wild as midway through Quintinos set, a LED wearing, air cannon blasting robot made his way out onto the stage and blasted the crowd with air blasts and paint via a high-pressured firehose.  



By the end of the night, we honestly do not know how the paint drenched fans were all still raging as hard as ever, especially with the low 40 degree temperatures.  


Saturday’s show made it clear that when the world-wide touring powerhouse Life in Color rolls into town, people come to party. 

[Photos & Article by: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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