Zedd at the Electric Factory

Zedd: In reality, what does that word even mean? Checking the dictionary it doesn’t seem to have any true definition. Upon some further research, we discover that the word has a German root. Hailing from Germany, sounds seem to be more closely affiliated with the term rather than words. Everything from electro house, to beautiful ballads, to very heavy rap-infused beats, are highly connected with Zedd. The common theme between all of these sounds is a high level of musical production quality, an intense focus on music organization, and a clear understanding of musical theory. These sounds seem to have it all. They are captivating, powerful, uplifting, emotional, passionate, and incredibly exciting. These sounds are Zedd.

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Alright, enough with our research team. If you are in any way, shape, or form a fan of music in this decade, there’s about a 300% chance you’ve heard the name Zedd and know exactly who he is. Dating back to 2010, Zedd has been dominating the electronic music scene originally as one of its hottest up and comers, and soon enough as one of the staple artists representing the genre to mainstream audiences all over the world. This fall, seven years later, Zedd is embarking upon yet another one of his sold-out tours. Providing support for Zedd are electronic peers Grey and Lophiile who have been making quite the name for themselves as well. Zedd’s tour comes along with a full-scale lighting production, personal sound production, and a team of some of the most talented professionals within the dance music community.

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Zedd fans in Philadelphia were lucky enough to catch not only one, but two sold-out nights of Zedd’s Echo tour. Being hosted at one of the most prestigious venues in the city, the Electric Factory, Zedd and his crew rolled into town on Thursday, October 19 ready for 48 hours of absolute madness. Here at Independent Philly, we attended the second night of the run on Friday, October 20. Upon entering the venue we were welcomed by a sold-out crowd already filling the room very early on in the night. A sea of Zedd merchandise covered attendees from the front railing of the floor, all the way to the back levels of the 21+ upper level of the venue. It was clear that this crowd was here for a reason, to see their favorite artist in their favorite city.

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The tour itself did not disappoint these eager and excited fans. From start to finish, every aspect of the night seemed to flow together in a sense of common harmony. The openers handled opening duties in the proper way one should when opening for such a massive name like Zedd: playing out lots of popular, well-known music that would not be touched by Zedd, they were both able to warm up the room to quite a high temperature before the German phenom took the stage.

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As Zedd took his stand, the walls of the venues shook more from the roars of the crowd than the blasting nature of the speaker system Zedd had brought along with him. Following this electric scene was a set filled with music from all corners of the electronic music universe, mixed together with an organization effect that brought the crowd to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs at the exact proper moment. There was not a dull moment during Zedd’s set. People’s feet were moving from tune to tune whether the songs were from Zedd’s earliest years of his career, or were released just this Summer. The rabid Zedd fans knew every word and were ready to scream them out. If you left the Electric Factory with even a single slice of energy or the slightest ability to speak, you must have seen a different show.

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Come back soon Zedd, it’s refreshing to watch an artist perfectly embody the positive aspects of electronic music culture, which we all love and respect so heavily. We’ll be here waiting with open arms, excited hearts, and voices ready to be lost in your expression.

[Photos by C2H2 Photo]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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