Zac Brown Band at BB&T Pavilion

It was a block party vibe on Thursday, July 19, 2018, at BB&T Pavilion with a festive crowd enjoying the pre-concert tailgating and chilling on the nearby lawn as they prepared for the Zac Brown Band.

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Darrell Scott and the 2017 GRAMMY-winning, bluegrass outfit, Mark O’Connor Band, warmed up the crowd, as they slowly filtered into the venue. Later in the evening, Both Darrell and Mark returned to play a few songs with the headliners.

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As Zac Brown Band took the stage, there were still plenty of open seats (as the tailgating continued right up until that moment). The fans were enjoying themselves in the seats, on the lawn, and in the picnic areas of BB&T, and the boots, hats, and cutoff shorts were in abundance. Folks were settling into a sold-out performance of hits and feel-good covers and the night had a palpable energy to it.

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Zac Brown Band kicked things off with beach-themed ‘Knee Deep’ which got the entire venue up on their collective feet! The crowd was full of happy and faithful fans – “warmed-up”, swaying and dancing, and singing along all night.

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Some of the famous cover songs included Ants Marching (Dave Matthews Band), The Longest Time (Billy Joel), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Next to Me (Imagine Dragons), In My Blood (Mark O’Connor), Eleanor Rigby and With a Little Help From My Friends (Beatles), and a big-time medley encore. It was a fantastic night of music, fresh air, and good vibes at BB&T.

[Photos by Rick Pettine]

[Article by Rick Pettine & David Miller]

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