Yo Gotti at The TLA

‘Yo Gotti’ sold out the TLA on Thursday, December 3rd for his Philly stop on his ‘The 8 For 8 Tour’ (eight shows, in eight cities, for $8 each). The show kicked off with two incredible opening performances.

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Once the crowd was sufficiently hyped up, Yo Gotti took the stage to excited chanting from his fans who had been waiting to hear his hits like, “Errbody”, “Act Right”, and “I Know”.

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As Yo Gotti rapped radio hit after radio hit, the crowd got louder and louder, dancing and singing along. During the middle of his set, Yo Gotti asked the crowd to show Philly’s own Meek Mill some love as he Facetimed the artist so he could watch his hometown crowd.

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Yo Gotti asked to have the lights brought down in the TLA and the room was lit only by cell phones and lighters, with Gotti and Meek’s faces lit up on stage. Finally Yo Gotti closed with his most recent radio hit “Down in the DM” by reminding all the ladies in the crowd that if they follow him on Instagram, that they know what to do.

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Admittedly, we don’t follow Yo Gotti on Instagram, but we still enjoyed the performance. After the show, he hung around to take photos with fans (which is always a classy touch). That’s a rap.

[Photo credit: Dead Philly]

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