Yellow Claw at The Fillmore

The sold-out ‘Blood for Mercy’ tour featuring ‘Moksi’, ‘WIWEK’, and headliner, ‘Yellow Claw’ was a show that we had been looking forward to for weeks. When ‘Twurkaholics’ was added as the opener, we knew the show would be a guaranteed success. We got there early on Saturday, January 30th to catch Twurkaholics play a b2b2b, hour and forty-five minute set. Each one of the group members had sufficient time to set their unique vibe. A quick search of Twurkaholics on our site, and you’ll see just how many times we have covered their parties and seen them open for a large variety of touring DJs. The crew on Saturday night included Ethan, Desafinado, and Musho. We would have liked to see the godfather of Actual Records, Aaron Ruxbin, up there with them as well. Nonetheless, it was great to see them on such a big stage, these guys have earned it. The Twurkaholics set was an amazing mix of styles and it came together like peanut butter and jelly.

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After Twurkaholics, there came a group that we were not as familiar with: Moksi. Moksi is a duo from Amsterdam that has signed to Yellow Claw’s label, ‘Barong Family’. Their outfits for the show consisted of matching felt bucket hats, gold chains, and all-black jump suits which they rocked almost as seamlessly as they rocked the crowd at the Fillmore. By this time, a fairly big crowd had formed and the venue was definitely jumping. Moksi kept great control of the crowd from start to finish.

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After Moksi was another act, named WIWEK. Again we had not seen WIWEK live before but he definitely won us over and made the entire crowd beg for more when his set was finished. WIWEK not only wowed the crowd with his mixes, but also with his incredible visuals. He must have a thing for monkey’s because he projected someone playing Donkey Kong behind him on the screen in addtion to the multitude of other monkeys! The crowd absolutely loved it. WIWEK loves to sample vocals on top of his beats so the crowd was singing along with almost every one of his songs. After those samples built the songs up, his drops had the entire venue bumping together at the same time. The energy built throughout the entire night especially as more and more fans arrived.

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When the headliners Yellow Claw were ready to take the stage, the Fillmore was packed out. Yellow Claw is known for their live performances so the Philly crowd could not have been more hype. Bizzy, their MC, is a serviceable hype man. We worked with him this past summer during the Mad Decent Block Party and witnessed him stage diving into every part of the crowd. This show, he was just as energetic. One knock a lot of people have against Yellow Claw is that Bizzy is on the mic a little too much. We tend to agree with this and think that while MCs are a great addition to a set, if they don’t know when to keep quiet it can take away from the experience as well as add to it.

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With the huge success of their new album ‘Blood for Mercy’, featuring big time hits like “In My Room” ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga and “Catch Me” ft. Naaz, they had plenty of new music to perform for their fans who had not seen them since the summer. Yellow Claw also did a great job of engaging the crowd, making them sing along or just encouraging every person in the crowd to get up off their feet and dance. They came back out for an encore when the crowd thought it was over and only continued to blow away the packed house at the Fillmore. Thanks to Steez Promo and Live Nation for a great show!

[Photos & Article by: Sam Cones]

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