W&W and Firebeatz at Soundgarden Hall

On Friday September 27th SoundGarden Hall celebrated its one year anniversary by bringing superstar Dutch DJs W&W to headline along with support from fellow Dutch DJs Firebeatz. The night opened with sets by a handful of local Philly talent including Amenzo, Johnny V, and Giuliano Presta.


The night started out slow, but as Life In Color across the street at Festival Pier let out, the paint covered crowd started to fill in and the energy started to rise. Even the Life in Color headlining DJs, Datsik and Gareth Emery, came over to catch the action.


When local Philly DJ Giuliano Presta took the decks the crowd was ready to go. Presta got the crowd moving and set the mood for what would transpire into an unforgettable night filled with epic drops.


With the crowd still bumping from Preta’s set, Firebeatz took the stage and was ready to take the party to the next level. The Dutch duo came out with smiles on their faces and their energy quickly overtook the crowd. Firebeatz dropped all of their fan favorites including classics such as “Just One More Time Baby” and “Where’s Your Head At”. You could tell that the pair was enjoying themselves as they pumped the crowd up and danced around stage.  

W&W-30 W&W-31

As Firebeatz set wrapped up and W&W came onto stage the crowd began to go wild in anticipation of the night’s main event. At this point in the night SoundGarden was packed and the only way through the crowd was by dancing.


W&W came out dropping some of their epic tracks including their fan favorite remix of Armin Van Buuren and Trevor Guthrie’s “This Is What It Feels Like” and “Thunder”. The crowd could hardly handle what W&W was throwing at them and could do nothing but rage.  W&W knew how to keep fans going all night and we certainly cannot wait for them to return to Philly again!

W&W-41 W&W-44

Overall it was an unforgettable night at SoundGarden Hall and could not have been a better way to commemorate the one year anniversary of one of our favorite venues in Philadelphia!

[Photos and article by Dan Drufovka]

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