Wrexham visits Philly, 1-1 draw vs Union-II

[ All photos and article by Rick Pettine ]

July 28, 2023 – Camden, NJ — Wrexham A.F.C., the UK-based football club famously owned by Rob McElhenny and Ryan Reynolds, came to Subaru Park on their last leg of a preseason US tour. And no, Rob did not bang the drum for the Union (Roger Bennett from Men in Blazers did!)

The match began after a sweltering 90+ degree day, and Wrexham struck first with a goal by Tom O’Connor. But just before the half, Union’s Jeremy Rafanello tied the match on a free kick.

The second half was delayed almost two and a half hours due to several storms passing through, which drastically thinned the capacity crowd before play resumed. There would be no more scoring and the match ended in a draw.

I guess is ISN’T Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Check out the match gallery below – click on an image to enlarge:

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