Wing Bowl 20 Eats Past Competitions Under the Table

SportsRadio WIP’s Wing Bowl celebrated its 20th anniversary on a record setting day Friday. Before a massive crowd at the Wells-Fargo Center, defending champion Super Squibb took on a star-studded field that included former Wing Bowl champ El Wingador, and competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi.

2012 was Kobayashi’s first time competing in Wing Bowl after witnessing it live in 2011. Last year’s Bowl was decided by a single wing with Super Squibb setting a Wing Bowl record with 255 wings. It would take a wing and a prayer for Squibb to defend in title.

The parking lots were full of rowdy fans in the wee morning hours and they began packing into the venue when the doors opened just after 5am.

The event is a massive showcase of eating, pageantry, and scantily clad (sometimes topless) women.  It draws on-lookers from all walks of life including professional athletes, local personalities, and adult film stars.

With a top prize of $20,000 and a new car up for grabs, there is much more than just the crown on the table.

After a gauntlet parade of contestants (complete with entourages and Wingettes), the national anthem, and a ceremonial gong ringing, it was time to get down to business.

The eating was fast and furious in the first round and when the bones settled, Kobayashi had set an opening round Wing Bowl record. With many of the lesser eaters down for the count, the heavy weights squared off in round two.

Kobayashi, Super Squibb, El Wingador, U.S. Male, Chilita, and a host of others pounded wing after wing at a nauseating pace. By the end of the second round Kobayashi had eaten a gut-busting 300+ wings! After the final two-minute speed round, he had smashed the old record of 255 wings, finishing with a mind-boggling 337 wings!

He was awarded $20,000 and vowed to return next year to defend his crown. Second place, and a new car, went to Super Squibb with 271 wings. El Wingador, U.S. Male, and Chilita (the only female contestant) rounded out the top five.

2012 marked the first years that fans votes (via text message) determined the Wingette of the Year. She won a new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

For those 18+ wishing to feast your hungry eyes on over 100 additional photos,




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