Wing Bowl 19: Records Are Broken, Ladies Are Smokin’

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In its 19th year, 610 WIP’s Wing Bowl held much excitement and broke many records. As in other years, there were long lines outside of the Wells Fargo Center long before the doors opened at 5AM.

Calm Before the Storm
Wing Bowl 19 Title Ring
The All Time Great

Those waiting to get inside only knew some of what they would witness on this early Friday morning. For starters, El Wingador, the former 5 time Wing Bowl champion, had come out of retirement this year to compete for the top prize of $20,000 cash and a new Ford F-150 truck. His top competition would be the two-time reigning champion Super Squibb.

The Reigning Champ
Crowd Shot
We Go To Wing Bowl for the Articles

Wing Bowl Fans couldn’t know that the all-time record for wings eaten would be broken by both men and at the end of 30 minutes of rapid eating, the winner would be crowned by the smallest margin ever…just one wing.

Angelo & Jonesy
Hugh Douglas
Ron Jeremy & Kobayashi

On hand were celebrities like former Eagles great Hugh Douglas, adult movie stars Gina Lynn & Ron Jeremy, Flyers great Bernie Parent, and the world’s most famous competitive eater, Kobayashi.

The sold out Wells Fargo center was packed with fans hoping to get a glimpse of the next Wing Bowl champion and something else that has become synonymous with Wing Bowl, topless women.

Who Needs Gravity When You've Got Wings?

Whether it was Wingettes on stage or women in the crowd, just like in a bucket of fried chicken, there were plenty of breasts to go along with the wings.

Wings: Make Girls Do Crazy Things
El Wingador

In between the two 14 minute long wing pounding sessions, Kobayashi amazed the crowd and competitors alike by polishing off a foot-long cheesesteak in under 25 seconds. He later vowed to return to Wing Bowl 20 to compete.

Kobayashi Eating a Footlong Cheesesteak
Kobayashi Finishes the Footlong Cheesesteak in Under 25 Seconds

At the end of the second 14 minute eating portion of the morning, El Wingador led Super Squibb by just one wing. Then came the final 2 minutes of eating. When the hot sauce had been cleared and the bones counted, it was Super Squibb who was crowned the Wing Bowl 19 champion by a one wing margin, 255-254 (the previous record was 241).

Wink, Wink for Wings
Lost By Just ONE Wing
The Champ: Super Squibb

It must be awfully difficult to eat 254 wings, and lose. However, the real winner here is charity as the proceeds from the event are all donated.

Wings, Water, Wings

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Wing Bowl 20 but we know a few things will remain the same: men with wings, and women with breasts.

The Shocker
Respect the Pole
Bulldog Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

Congratulations to all of the winners in attendance.


100% White Meat

Check back later today for a full photo gallery and slide show from Wing Bowl 19!



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