Vanity Theft Steals the Show at M Room

Vanity Theft

The Ohio based quintet of rocker chicks known as “Vanity Theft” rolled into Philadelphia on Thursday night to play a show at the M Room in Fishtown with fellow female rock band “Hunter Valentine”. This was the second stop on a large U.S. tour for the two bands.

Lead Singer Alicia Grodecki on Keyboard
Guitarist Brittany Hill

We get sent a lot of music here at Independent Philly, some good, some bad… but when we first heard Vanity Theft’s new full length album “Get What You Came For” several weeks ago (the album was released digitally this past Tuesday with a physical release set for March) we were instantly hooked.

Lalaine the Bassist
Elyse Driskill on Drums
Vanity Theft Rocks

These ladies ROCK. Hard. We’re not kidding. We haven’t been able to get their songs out of our collective heads. That’s why we weren’t about to miss the chance to see them live last night.

Alicia Grodecki Belting it Out

While Hunter Valentine, rockers in their own right, were the headliners, we were there to see Vanity Theft. We already knew all of their songs from the new album but they sounded even better in person ( even despite the long and somewhat awkward sound check that still didn’t seem to tweak things to the total satisfaction of the band).

Brittany Hill
Alicia Grodecki: The Face Behind the Bangs

Lead singer Alicia Grodecki is captivating on stage. Her hair covering her eyes for the majority of the show, she belted out lyrics while dancing around with her keyboard. Guitar player Brittany Hill and bass player Lalaine also helped out on lyrics while laying down some tasty riffs and baselines. Elyse Driskill kept the beat on drums and honestly, the whole thing just works.

Hunter Valentine
Lead Singer of Hunter Valentine Kiyomi M

The only disappointment was the size of the crowd. It was on the small side. To their credit, Vanity Theft played as if they were on stage in front of 25,000 fans. Where were you Philadelphia? You missed your chance! Maybe you haven’t heard of Vanity Theft before now? Well now you’re on notice. Check out their new album and videos and get ready…because the next time these ladies roll into town, you’re not going to want to miss out.

You can check the band out on their official website: and they’d also be quick to remind us that you can find them on Facebook or Twitter as well.


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