Vanity Theft & People At Parties Rock The M-Room…Draw Attention From Local Geologists

Alicia Grodecki

Metamorphic rocks are formed by subjecting any rock type (including previously formed metamorphic rock) to different temperature and pressure conditions than those in which the original rock was formed. These temperatures and pressures are always higher than those at the Earth’s surface and must be sufficiently high so as to change the original minerals into other mineral types or else into other forms of the same minerals.

Vanity Theft

Wait, I thought this was a music article, not something out of a science journal. Patience my good friend, you’re on the right track.

Brittany Hill
Elyse Driskill

Alicia Grodecki (keyboard, lead singer), Brittany Hill (guitar, vocals), and Elyse Driskill (drums, birthday girl) have been playing music together since they started a cover band in high school back in 2005 (called “Vanity Pledge”). Their original bassist, Staci Farfsing, was replaced by Lindsey Keene a year later when she headed off to college. At the same time, the band changed their name to “Vanity Theft” and began writing original music. Four years later, in 2010, Keene was replaced by bass player Lalaine (last name: Vergara-Paras) and the band signed with Vigilante Music/Adamant Records and released “The Anatomy EP”. 2011 saw the release of “Get What You Came For (LP)” and ushered in more change as Lalaine was replaced on the on bass by Kelly Riot. After a name change, a ride on a virtual merry-go-round at bass, and a new label, the pressure of touring, and the heat of their current “venues that don’t believe in air-conditioning” tour (as Hill informed the crowd last night in the sweltering M-Room) one constant remains… these chicks ROCK.

Kelly Riot

Okay, okay, we’re not geologists (or more specifically petrologists) but we certainly know a thing or two about rock.

We first caught Ohio based Vanity Theft when they last played the M-Room back in February (you can check out that story here) and have been waiting anxiously for them to return. While “Get What You Came For” and remix EP “Forget What You Came For” still make regular appearances on our playlists, the energy that Vanity Theft brings on stage adds another layer of enjoyment to their music.

The show got a late start due to some technical difficulties but sometime after 10pm things got underway. The band took song requests from fans before starting their set, and even dropped a brand new song (which you can catch on video below). It was hot and steamy inside the venue but the real heat was on stage (both literally and figuratively). Kelly Riot slid into the bass-spot seamlessly and drummer Elyse Driskill, who was celebrating her birthday with some champagne (even though, according to Hill, she gets drunk from the neck of a beer bottle) kept the beats tight (even after letting it slip that she had “lots of sex” to Marcy Playground’s song “Sex and Candy”).

People at Parties

Once again Philadelphia failed to properly show up to support this show. Once again, it was those who didn’t come out, that missed out.

Lori Key Napolitano

Vanity Theft stuck around after their set and talked with fans, enjoyed some drinks, and danced to songs from “People at Parties” (based out of NY & San Fran) who they are currently involved in a nine day tour with (heading to Cincinnati tonight). We loved the sound of People at Parties as well (although they had to forgo a few of their more upbeat tunes due to equipment malfunctions). The echoing vocal effects of singer Lori Key Napolitano, the killer keys of Becky Kupersmith, and the unusual drumming of Kelly “Lay Lay” Harris (who drums while standing) come together beautifully to entrance fans with deep, mysterious, melodic tunes that keep you toe-tapping from start to finish. We definitely suggest checking them out. Speaking with them after their set, they indicated that they’ll be returning to town in August. We’ve circled the entire month on our calendar just in case.

Becky Kupersmith
Kelly "Lay Lay" Harris

Check out some videos of Vanity Theft’s performance last night as well as our photo slideshow from the show below:

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