Underground Rebel Bingo at the Blockley: We’ve Seen This Once B-4

We first told you about The Underground Rebel Bingo Club in July when the world wide phenomenon hit the City of Philadelphia like a ton of bricks (or maybe a ton of bingo balls). It was crazy, it was wrong, but it felt so right.

Philadelphia loved the event and as much as we loved the URBC, they loved us right back. That’s why, just over a month later, the event returned to the Blockley Pour House in University City, this time under the secret guise of a health and fitness workshop.

It was clear from the start that while everyone in attendance was indeed there to work it, health and fitness were not to be the focus of the evening. Instead, debauchery would take center stage (and spill over into the audience, the bathrooms, and the street outside).

There were body painters, DJ Sega rocked the decks, and an inflatable duck got more action in one night then a priest sleeping over at boy-scout camp.

Clothes came off, balls came out, and we heard rumblings of both a dragon and a panda sighting.

We hope the Underground Rebel Bingo Club will come back and see us soon. Maybe they’re planning it right now. Maybe, just maybe, they never left.

When we know of a return date, we’ll mark our calendar so catch the rest of you marking everything else.

Catch the full photo slide show below…

[photo credit: Jim Solomon]

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