Tyler Sherritt and Fratello at Rumor Nightclub

Tyler Sherritt returned to Philadelphia Friday night where he played at Rumor Nightclub alongside local Philadelphia DJs, Fratello.  Sherritt, who we last saw opening for Dash Berlin at Soundgarden Hall, has been on the rise this summer, playing festivals such as EDC NY and numerous other shows all over to U.S.  


A night of great music was in store for everyone who came out to Rumor.  From the moment we arrived, all of the VIP tables were filled and there was a line down Samson street to get into the club.



Fratello did a great job warming the crowd up and their energy seemed to transfer over to almost everyone in attendance. We saw more and more people make their way from the bar to the dance floor during their set.  



By around midnight a decent sized crowd had filed inside Rumor and before long Tyler Sherritt took over for the remainder of the evening. Sherritt wasted no time dosing the crowd with a great selection of tracks.  



After listening to Sherritt spin for a few minutes, it became obvious why he has encountered such great levels of success recently.  Patrons were dancing all over the club, from the VIP “Vault Room” to the bars, and especially on the two dance floors that Rumor has to offer.


For Philadelphians who were looking for a place where they could come, enjoy great music, dance freely, and just have a good time, Rumor was the place to be on Friday night.

[Photos by Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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