Tyler, The Creator at Fox Theater in Colorado

Tyler, the Creator made a stop in Boulder, Colorado where we caught him at the Fox Theatre on April 24th, 2014.  The show, Tyler’s sixth The Fox, was sold-out weeks in advance, any everyone knew it was going to be a wild night.


Odd Future never plays with openers at these small size shows, and only come out as a group or with whoever from their crew was able to make it to the show, so he place was already jam packed by 7:00, exactly when the show was supposed to begin.  Unfortunately, Earl and other big names in Odd Future were not in attendance.  


Taco, Tyler’s Dj, took the stage to manage the tables for Tyler at around 7:20. He only played one song to pump the crowd up and then Tyler made his entrance accompanied by Jasper and the rest of their crew. He immediately droped his hit “Jamba” and the whole place began to transform into one huge mosh pit.


Tyler, as always, showed great stage presence while preforming and got the crowd riled up in no time. Throughout the entire night we were blessed with some colorful commentary from him in between songs.  Many times throughout the night he reminded us that Boulder was his hometown, which of course is not true, but Tyler really just loves Boulder as a town.


With Tyler coming on at 7:30 and with accompanied guests besides Jasper, we knew the show could only go on for so long since Tyler has a fairly predictable set that he preforms.  However, when he dropped the song “Tamale”, which is known to be his finale, at 8:15, we couldn’t believe that was really the last song of the night. With the crowd going wild, Tyler thanked Boulder and left the stage.  It seemed like the whole venue was confused as to whether the show was actually over or not since it was only 8:30. 


The only way the night could have been better was if Earl, Mellowhype or Domo Genisis were along for the show. Even though it was a short show, Tyler put on an amazing performance and as always made the Fox Theatre the place to be in Boulder that night. 

[Photos by Sam Conant, Article by Josh Sutherland]

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