Tycho at Franklin Music Hall

Musician Tycho playing guitar while performing at Franklin Music Hall

We recently caught Tycho at Franklin Music Hall and it was a pretty stellar show to say the least.

[ Photographed by Jen Strogatz ]
[ Review by Gary McCormack ]

Opening for Tycho was Poolside, a five person band whose genre is known as “Daytime Disco.” The Poolside website says that they began playing in early 2011, producing “sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music.” Admittedly, Poolside was somewhat of a forgettable act, especially coming in as the openers for a such a solid musician. Tycho, that is.

The lead singer, who was seemingly opposed to the idea of emoting, said that he was out drinking the night before and had gotten pretty wasted. He continued on by asking the crowd to give him energy… I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that but okay, I get it…

Nonetheless, there were sects of people in the audience that seemed to be really enjoying Poolside’s music. However, if I could think of a more appropriate place to listen to their music, it might actually be poolside, not stage front. We do give them props on their style though, coming in with a cool, 70’s-style beach vibe!

We were a bit tired by the time that Tycho took the stage, but they turned the night around for us. Tycho’s ethereal sound is as entrancing as it is hypnotic. Soul penetrating melodies blend seamlessly into the scintillating harmonies that encapsulate you inside that blissful present moment.

Tycho treated us with some new tracks off of the newly released studio album “Weather,” a collaboration with the lovely LA-based singer/songwriter, Hannah Cottrell, aka Saint Sinner, who also showed up to join the party.

Saint Sinner was a force in her own right and had us mesmerized by her uncanny vocals and her powerful stage presence. If you haven’t heard her yet, you have to check her out because she is truly something special.

Tycho and Saint Sinner- Pink & Blue Official Music Video

It’s definitely safe to say that this show was an unforgettable one.

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