Twurkaholics with AC Slater at Soundgarden Hall

The Actual Records’ Twurkaholics team was back in full force at Soundgarden Hall on Saturday, August 17th for a show with headliners Valentino Khan and AC Slater.

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We were a little slow in getting to the venue on Saturday night but we clearly in the minority because by the time we arrived, the venue was already packed with people who were raging to the sounds of fan favorite, Ethan Dubb.

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If you’re reading this article then chances are you already know what the Twurkaholics parties are all about. They’ve become a phenomenon in the Philly EDM scene, combining low ticket prices with top notch local talent and headliners. In addition there are always costumed characters, giveaways, and a great atmosphere at Soundgarden Hall.

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While we missed the majority of the local talent this month, we spoke to several fans about the opening sets and heard almost exclusively good things.

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The DJs who set the stage for the night were DJ ADUB b2b Mop Top, Schmohawk, Oddzilla, LoveCityDJs, and Ethan Dubb. Aaron Ruxbin and Buddy Leezle were on the mic all night long hyping up the crowd, dropping shout-outs, and introducing the talent.

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After Ethan Dubb’s set concluded it was time for Valentino Khan. We last saw Khan in Philly when he opened for The Bloody Beetroots at the TLA earlier this year (still one of our top shows of 2013). Known for his production skills (he co-produced “Bubble Butt” with Major Lazer), his skills on the decks are nothing to scoff at.

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Khan threw it down as Angry Cat, Party Owl, and the rest of the Twurkaholics mascots hit the stage for some costumed shenanigans.

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The final set of the night went to AC Slater. Slater is no stranger to Philly. He’s been doing his thing here since the majority of the EDM crowd was in diapers. He was also the first Twurkaholics headliner to sell out Soundgarden Hall during his first appearance.

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For his second Twurkaholics party AC Slater picked up right where he left off. Rocking a packed dance floor with a onslaught of heavy bass music that featured several of his personal remixes and club bangers.

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Unlike his TV counterpart, fans weren’t saved by the bell at 230am when the party ended, they were disappointed that his set couldn’t continue. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing him again in Philadelphia in the near future.

[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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