Twurkaholics at Soundgarden Hall with David Heartbreak, Oddzilla, Ethan Dubb and More

On Saturday, September 14th, The Twurkaholics crew proved once again that they know how to throw a party. All of the DJs on the lineup put everything they had into their set for the special “Twurkaholics vs. Moombaholics” edition of the event.  In typical Twurkaholics fashion, there were costumed characters and giveaways galore.  


Custom printed Twurkaholics booty shorts were tossed out to some lucky ladies as well as bright yellow tank tops.  “Can I please have a t-shirt” seemed to be the most common question asked by fans walking past the stage.  


Live painting on stage was provided by local artist “Get Up Art” who created a giant mural in front of the DJ booth.  At the beginning of the night, all that we could see was a dinosaur, which left our imagination to guess what the final painting would look like.


The first group we had the chance to see Saturday night, The Duke Silver Trio, was the first ever mystery guest on a Twurkaholics lineup.  The Duke Silver Trio was a trifecta of talent that consisted of BHB, Aaron Ruxbin, and DJ Nappy.  


Watching these three DJs play B2B2B with one another was one of our more memorable Twurkaholics experiences, and we hope that The Duke Silver Trio makes a return very soon.


It was at this point in the night also that Get Up Art had finished his masterpiece: a tribute to Twurkaholics vs. Moombaholics with Miley Cyrus and a Dinasour.


Following up on the insanity that was The Duke Silver Trio was Ethan Dubb.  Ethan Dubb’s set moved seamlessly from Trap to Moombah and then back to Trap.  


His set was one of his best that we can remember, and it stood out against some stiff competition on the night.  E-Dubb is just another example of the amazing talent that the Actual Records/Twurkaholics crew has to offer.


Up next was Oddzilla, a DJ team consisting of Architekt & G-Buck.  We were beyond impressed with what Oddzilla brought to the decks.  They played an absolutely incredible set that, just like every other act that preceded it, was headliner worthy.



Up last for the night was headliner David Heartbreak, a Brooklyn native that is signed to OWSLA.  As we have learned in the past, artists that are signed to OWSLA (a record label owned by Skrillex and company) are extremely talented, one of a kind acts.  


David Heartbreak was no exception to the OWSLA rule as he not only kept the party going, but took it to a whole new level.  Buddy Leezle of the Twurkaholics/Actual Records family served as the Emcee for David Heartbreaks set, and the two seemed to mesh together extremely well.


 While David Heartbreak an incredible set, what we think is even more important was just how incredible each and every one of the opening acts were.  


It says a lot when opening acts can give headliners a run for their money, and mixed with the great atmosphere that comes with every Twurkaholics party, the night was overall our favorite edition of the event to date.


 Having covered every Twurkaholics event since the very first one, it is amazing to see the transformation that has occurred in such a short amount of time.


We were lucky enough to witness the birth of this party, and we hope to see it continue to grow.  Don’t be surprised to see Twurkaholics continue to expand.  Heck, there are two Twurkaholics events this month alone (the next will be with headliner UZ on September 28th).

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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