Twurkaholics: Heroes x Villians & ETC!ETC! at District N9ne

Despite the promise of late-night snow in Philadelphia, fans flocked to District N9ne on Friday, January 23rd for the latest edition of Twurkaholics. The show featured opening sets from the Twurkaholics and Moombaholics crew including Ethan Dubb, Desafinado, Love City DJs, and MC Buddy Leezle. There were also the usual bells & whistles which included an appearance by Grumpy Cat and body painting from Bodypaint.ME.

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The falling snow delayed our arrival at District N9ne as we were traveling from a comedy show in Upper Darby and sadly we missed many of the opening sets. From all indications, Desafinado’s set, chock full of Jungle Terror, Moombahcore, and Zouk, was the most memorable set of the entire night. We’re bummed that we missed it but spoke with numerous fans who raved about it.

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We were able to catch a large chunk of Love City DJs set and (aside from a Daft Punk remix that we absolutely hated) we were impressed as always with his track selection and his ability to get the entire venue dancing. It’s a good thing fans started dancing early because there wasn’t a whole lot to save their energy for later in the night.

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‘Heroes x Villains’ was up next and quite frankly, wet the proverbial bed. His set started off with a good head of steam but he soon train wrecked and then the music cut out for a solid five minutes. Thankfully Buddy Leezle was there to hold things down on the mic and keep the crowd entertained. Heroes x Villains set had lots of energy but was far from fluid. There were several train wrecks and shaky transitions. At one point he began to drop ‘A Milli’ by Lil Wayne, then cut the song out completely, and when he brought the music back up, it was another song altogether. If you’re one of those people who only care about track selection and not mixing, you probably didn’t mind his set too much.

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The young crowd (the majority of them 18 to 20 years old) seemed to get most pumped up by Festival Trap which both headlining DJs dropped. What’s better than hearing a song that you really dig? How about hearing it twice?! ETC!ETC! hit the stage next and proceeded to drop several of the tracks that Heroes x Villains had already played (including ‘A Milli’), prompting us to wonder if his entire set was pre-planned or even pre-mixed. Perhaps it wasn’t; many of his mixes were flawless, but the fact that he played numerous tunes that had already been heard by the crowd, made us wonder why he didn’t switch it up once he knew he’d be doubling down. Oddly, most fans didn’t seem to mind the repeat performances.

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The snow continued to fall fast and heavy so we opted to be safe and head home around 13o AM before the roads got really bad (as did many other people). We’re not exactly sure how the night ended but it’s safe to assume it was with a track being dropped for the 3rd or even 4th time. We’ve been spoiled by great performances at past Twurkaholics events so we’re willing to chock this up to an off night (or the fact that an outside promoter booked the headlining acts themselves). It proves why it’s so important to support the openers because sometimes they have the best sets of the night. It also shows that DJs need to be able to mix it up on the fly, an art that seems to have faded away when vinyl was replaced with digital mediums.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David Miller and James McCormick]

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