Twurkaholics at Soundgarden Hall: Super HeRobust Edition

Actual Records’ Twurkaholics party returned to Soundgarden Hall on Friday, June 14th with all of the usual fanfare we’ve come to expect from the monthly event.

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When Twurkaholics first made the leap from warehouses to Soundgarden Hall’s 2,000 person capacity, the party sold out, packing the venue to the gills. Subsequent Twurkaholics parties also sold out or reached near capacity, but the question remained, could it maintain its popularity? The answer has be a resounding YES.

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Friday night’s edition of the event was billed as a Superhero edition, with many fans dressing as their favorite scantily clad heroes and villains.

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The Twurkaholics locals held down the first four hours of the night. Performing (in order) were Ditch Digger, Jack Deezl & Jay Danko, Ethan Dubb, LoveCityDJs, Shane Sixten, and Buddy Leezle.

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The final two hours belonged to Austin, Texas’s “Parking” and Atlanta’s HeRobust.

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When we arrived at 9pm the venue was still relatively empty but with 800+ pre-sale tickets, and $15 tickets available at the door coupled with the beautiful  weather, we knew it wouldn’t be long until SGH filled up.

DSC_8662 copy DSC_8743 copy DSC_8783 copy

We’re not exactly sure when it happened. Somewhere in the blur of trap, bass, stage dancers, CO2 blasts, toilet paper guns, live painting (by Get Up Art) and costumed characters, the venue became packed.

DSC_8873 copy

Amidst the large crowd of sweaty dancers, the place got downright warm.

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After midnight, when Buddy Leezle and Parking hit the stage, the vibe transitioned to straight hip-hop for a hot minute. It was a welcomed change to see the cross over from bass, to trap, to hip-hop and the crowd took it all in stride. We heard a few fans at the back of the venue griping about hip-hop, one yelling “change the music”, but they were clearly outnumbered by those enjoying it.

DSC_8749 copy DSC_8760 copy DSC_8768 copy

HeRobust took over at 1am and closed the party out for the final 90 minutes with his brand of hip-hop infused bass music that has him waking serious waves in EDM pond in the past two years.

DSC_8816 copy DSC_8827 copy

He was all smiles for his first headlining gig in Philly and the crowd was equally enthusiastic.

DSC_8830 copy

All in all it was another booming success for the Twurk Team.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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