Twurkahalloween at District N9ne

It’s been a while since the last solid Twurkaholics party in Philadelphia. The event, once a monthly staple in the city, has been on somewhat of a hiatus in 2014. Fear not loyal fans because on Wednesday, October 29th, the party returned with a bang!

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The Halloween edition of Twurkaholics (aptly named ‘Twurkahalloween’) was held at District N9ne and featured a stacked top to bottom line-up that included the Twurkaholics crew, Thugli, gLAdiator, and a live performance from Keys N’ Krates.

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Decked in some stellar Halloween outfits, several fans turned up to District N9ne to support the local openers. Of course there were a decent amount of stragglers that waited until a little later in the evening to show up, thus missing some bumping, albeit short, sets by Desafinado, Architekt, Ethan Dubb, and Love City DJs.

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Pat Drastik & Tom Wrecks, better know by their moniker ‘Thugli’ took over from Love City DJs and threw down a set that everyone from Spider Woman to Ninjas was getting down to. We even saw a few dance circles break out; we haven’t seen one of those in quite some time.

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This wasn’t gLAdiator’s first go-round at a Twurkaholics event but it just might have been their best. Along with former President Bill Clinton, you can count us amongst gLAdiator’s fans. Their set was scary good and the night easily still would have been well worth it had it ended once they wrapped up.

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However, this was Twurkahalloween and then treats just kept on coming. Keys N’ Krates are also Twurkaholics alumni, having played the Twurkahanukkah party last December. There’s nothing quite like a live, hip-hop infused electronic performance and the Toronto trio has numerous tricks (and treats) up their collective sleeve to keep the performance a must-see event from start to finish.

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Twurkahalloween raged until just after 1am when it was time for all of the ghosts, ghouls, zombies, astronauts, and panda bears to head home and conserve some energy for the upcoming Halloween weekend.

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We know Twurkaholics will be back again before long and we can’t wait to see what the next edition has in store for everyone!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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