Troyboi’s Left Is Right Tour at The TLA

In today’s modern electronic dance music industry, there are a lot of artists who seem to fit a cookie cutter mold in their rise to popularity. An artist pops up, makes the same music so many others are making, brands themselves well, drops a hit, plays on the main stages of a few festivals, and no matter the rest of their future, always has a place in the dance music world. This idea of an artist only needing to impress the community for a few months before having their status permanently dignified creates the perfect storm for an unfortunately lazy and underwhelming community of popular EDM artists. Many of these artists are the ones who also find their way into frat houses and college parties across the country, giving newcomers and outsiders a view of electronic music which does not accurately represent what dance music is really all about. However, despite this easy path, there are still artists out there who embody what it means to truly be an artist, and simultaneously find their way into mainstream popular fame. These artists make the music they want to make, when and how they want to make it. The music they make is for them and no one else. Anyone else who jumps on their style is just a cherry on top of the sundae. Artists of this latter type shine a ray of hopeful light into a corner of EDM which can sometimes bring great frustration and sadness to those who have found their place and comfort in the love and passion of electronic music. An artist who breaks the mold in this way is the man we all call ‘Troyboi’.

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Troyboi is an artist who brings together vibes and styles from all different aspects of music, creating an incredibly diverse and unique sound. Elements of hip-hop, trap, grime, and dubstep have all found their way into Troyboi’s productions making him an instant star. Over the last few years, Troyboi has slowly and consistently made himself a household name without pushing his art somewhere where he doesn’t believe it belongs. Troyboi’s music is grimy, filled with bass, and inspires nothing but a party beyond your wildest dreams.

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With Troyboi’s recent album release, it only seemed likely that the UK prodigy would find his way on tour this fall. His album, ‘Left is Right’, came out to absolute critical acclaim, and to not surprise his tour was titled the same. This past Thursday, October 5th, the Left is Right experience touched down in Philadelphia filling the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street with fans ready to see the man himself. Before Troy took the stage, opening duties were handled by Slumberjack and Philly native Louis Futon. While both acts brought different styles to the stage, the similarly had fans bumping the venue from start to finish during their sets. Slumberjack took the stand first, preaching a sermon filled with heavy trap sounds, lots of pumping 808’s and plenty of hip-hop to go along with it. Their energy was extremely high from the first song, forcing us to question why they had not taken the direct support slot instead of Louis Futon. Futon is a much bigger name, but the style he brought was more low key and focused on some more sensual electronic sounds for a lot of his set. The set was incredible and the live aspect of his set blew us away. Even though the order may not have been as smooth as it could have been, seeing a show with stellar performances from start to finish was extremely refreshing. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at a show early and watching a crowd deflate before the headliner takes the stage. These artists brought with them a show of their own and we were highly impressed by their presence on stage.

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After the openers, a darkness fell over the room. The clear sounds of a major set change could be heard muttering behind the curtains. As the music began to play once again, the eerie sounds of Troyboi’s unique style began to echo through the venue. Fans roared with excitement as the UK don took the stage and the show began with an incredible burst of energy which lasted throughout the entire set. The set itself was a classic showing by Troyboi, playing only his original music and utilizing his microphone and stage presence to whip the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Accompanying his normal show, was the addition of plenty of dancers, new lights, and at one point even a string quartet. These extra additions added an entirely new layer to Troyboi’s stellar production and topped the night off with a sense of true craftsmanship coming from the stage. We can’t wait to see what Troy has in store for us next time he makes it to the city of brotherly love.We know whatever it is, it’ll blow us away even more than the last time as he always does!

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[Article by Adam Leopold]

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