Troyboi at The TLA

Trap music burst onto the EDM scene in 2012-2013 with OG’s like ‘RL Grime’ and ‘Baauer’ taking the hip-hop inspired genre to the next level. Since then, the genre has developed and adapted thousands of different sounds, each bringing their own flare to fans all over the world. One of the most unique sounds in the game right now is English producer ‘Troyboi’. Troyboi has been producing beats for over four years and exploded onto the scene with his hit ‘Amadeus’, which contained his coveted vocal spelling out his name. The song contained classical samples and some of the cleanest 808’s we had ever heard, and it was very telling of the rest of his career.

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Fast forward to Thursday night, September 22, and the Theatre of the Living Arts is packed with fans. The floor is much more filled than most other Thursday nights and fans seem to be buzzing with anticipation. They are awaiting the arrival of the aforementioned Troyboi. Before the Brit has the chance to take stage though, there are other stars that need their chance to shine on stage.

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Up first is up and coming trap duo ‘Gyp-Z’. Hailing from Maryland, these two ladies, Katy and Brielle, have been captivating east coast crowds with their bouncy trap sets and joyful stage presence. One of the things we loved the most about their performance was that we could see how much they loved doing what they do. Certain locals get on stage and it is blatantly clear that they are just there to play for the paycheck. This was quite the opposite for Gyp-Z. We see a bright future coming for the duo, and can’t wait for them to be back in Philly for their next performance.

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Next up was ‘Fatherdude’, who stepped onto the stage and just like Gyp-Z before him, truly put his heart and soul into the performance. We had first discovered Fatherdude while he was still producing future bass and playing solely DJ sets. Now, adding a live aspect to the performance, the act reminded us much more of an electronic inspired pop experience than an exclusively electronic performance. While we personally weren’t really digging Fatherdude’s sound, we can appreciate the clear work, effort, and passion that he has put into his music.

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Finally the moment had arrived, the lights dimmed down and a flash of white light filled the room. Classical voices began to echo in harmony through the speakers as two dancers walked on stage wearing ever so mysterious outfits. As the music was building, those seven letters began to be spoken, and the crowd lost their minds. T-R-O-Y-B-O-I. There he was. Out popped Troyboi whose voice broke into the crowd as his 808’s brought all hands into the air and all eyes onto center stage. The energy filling the venue was incredible, energy we had not felt at a show in a long time. Over the next hour and change he blessed us with a slew of only original music, something many DJ’s rarely have the ability to do.

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We laughed, we teared up, and we danced our butts off with Troyboi. He made us feel the deepest emotions, and sent us into a fury of dance moves all packaged in with a stage presences that was unmatched. We are truly lucky to have seen this performance, and we know we won’t get any similar feelings until we get the chance to see him again. Please come back soon Troyboi, you’re a star that shines as bright as one can in this industry.

[Photo credit: C2H2 Photo]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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