Trombone Shorty Brings N’awlins to Union Transfer

Our calendar is loaded with concerts here at Independent Philly so when one of them has been circled for weeks, you know it’s going to be something special.

Trombone Shorty, and his band Orleans Avenue, have been circled since the day we heard they were coming to town to play at Union Transfer.

Housed in the old Spaghetti Warehouse building on Spring Garden Street, Union Transfer is an amazing venue that seamlessly fuses Philadelphia’s vibrant music scene with its old world feel.

We weren’t surprised to see a line that stretched down the block when we arrived. Trombone Shorty is worth the wait, and with no opening act, fans were about to be treated to a set that lasted well over two hours.

Shortly before 9pm, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, who are touring in support of their album “For True”, took the stage, and it was supafunkrock time!

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews isn’t a mere musician, he is a complete entertainer. He is sick on the drums and tambourine, downright filthy on the trumpet, and his trombone playing is nothing short of pure magic. He sings lead vocals, dances, conducts the band, and does one hell of a James Brown impersonation.

After just a few songs we were convinced he could also part the Red Sea and turn water into wine.

Orleans Avenue isn’t just a backing band either, they are solid purveyors of funk in their own right.  And just for the record, you might want to think twice before challenging any of them to a dance off.

After almost 2 hours the band left the stage but quickly returned for a encore that other encores would envy. Trombone Shorty paraded through the audience with several band mates as they played a jazzed up version of “When The Saints Go Marching In”. Once back on stage, Shorty and Orleans Avenue all switched instruments, showcasing their versatility as musicians. The encore also featured our favorite Trombone Shorty song, “Do To Me”.

At the end of the evening, one thing was abundantly clear; you can take the boy out of New Orleans, but the party is coming with him.

You can check out a remix version of “Do To Me” by UK producer Star Slinger right here:

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