Tritonal Headlines Official Armin Van Buuren After Party at Soundgarden Hall

I’m going to go watch the #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren, at Festival Pier, and then go home at 11pm and go to bed… said no one ever.  Ending your night at 1ipm is simply not a viable option when Armin van Buuren makes his first trip to Philadelphia to play in front of 7,000+ people. So what do you do when the the sold-out show at Festival Pier ends?  You walk across the street to Soundgarden Hall for the official after party…which, by the way, was also sold out.


Friday night was one of those nights that people will still be talking about 5 years from now.  We couldn’t think of a better way to continue our night after watching Armin van Burreen than to just walk across the street to see Rank1 & Tritonal.


The after party at Soundgarden Hall featured opening sets by Johnny V and Giluliano Presta, along with trance artists Rank 1 and the headliner for the night, Tritonal.  Even though it was the official Armin van Buuren after party, no where was it stated that Armin would be in attendance.


Maybe it was because his set was cut 30 minutes short by the rain and lightning at the Festival Pier and he felt he owed his fans a little more.  Maybe it was for the love of music.  Maybe it was because of the love the crowd in Philly showed him. Whatever the reason, Armin treated fans to a surprise encore performance, playing B2B alongside Rank 1 up from 1130pm-115am, just before Tritonal took the stage.


In an era where the top DJs are paid upwards of $100,000 for a single show, the fact that Armin continued playing across the street is proof that it is not just about the money for him, it is about the music.


After the B2B set with Armin and Rank 1, Tritonal, who had just finished an interview with us, hit the stage.  

You can check out that interview here:

The show was set to end at 230am, but since Tritonal did not get on stage until 130am, we knew things would be running later than usual.  Tritonal provided Philadelphia with one of the most energetic performances we have seen in a very, very long time.


Tritonal, which is made up of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, have moved to the top of the charts in a very, very short amount of time.  The duo consistently lands on DJ Mag’s top 100 list, and MTV Clubland labeled them as a top 10 “Artist to Watch” in 2013.


In an interview with MTV, Armin van Buuren said:

“What I like about Tritonal, their sets are the most fun to watch.  These guys have so much energy on stage, they spend so much time making special mash-ups and that every second of their set is special and that the crowd feels that way…so I think 2013 should be a very big year for them.”

Not a bad compliment to receive from the #1 DJ in the world, and we could not agree more.


It was hard to tell who had more energy, the fans or Tritonal. The duo was constantly moving, smiling, jumping, and waving their hands. It was clear they love what they do and were having an amazing time doing it.



Playing for over 3 hours until the crack of dawn, the American trance duo pumped out fantastic song after song.  Every time we thought the night was just about over, with Reed or Cisneros grabbing the mic and professing their love for the energy Philadelphia was showing them, they would cue up another track and kick the party back into overdrive.


Tritonal’s set was the best imaginable way to end the night, and when 430am rolled around and they informed everyone that this was really their last song of the night, the crowd , which still packed the venue, came to the realization that an amazing night in Philadelphia concert history was coming to a close.


But if anyone thought that Tritonal would end without an encore, they were dead wrong.  With the crowd chanting “one more song!”, the duo obliged, and allowed fans a few more minutes to enjoy the night.

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