Trippie Redd Love Me More Tour 2020

[ Written by Samson J. Hurwitz III & Jen Strogatz ]​

[ Photos by Jen Strogatz ]

On the second to last Saturday in February (leap year!), the Fillmore Philadelphia came alive as “Big 14” lit the crowd up with a thrilling sense of energy and excitement. From the back of the balcony to the heart of the floor, a swaying sea of ecstatic teenagers jumped and screamed along as they awaited their beloved superstar: 20 year-old Ohio rapper, Trippie Redd.

The night started off with an electric performance by Flash GottiiGottii came to turn up, which was evident when watching the crowd’s complete immersion into the rapper’s set. The floor was bumping throughout the opening set, leading right up to the point when Flash Gottii stepped down to the base of the stage, sprayed water all over the captivated crowd, and leapt backwards into the audience, crowd surfing right off the stage. He not only set the tone of the evening, but he refused to let anyone forget about him, being the first act of the night. Flash Gottii unleashed an intense amount of energy onto the Fillmore, which could be felt pulsating throughout the entire building. You can find more from Flash Gottii here.

Next on stage was Kodie Shane, an Atlanta rapper/singer who kept the party going. The Lil Yachty associate, now signed to Epic Records, brought her hype and positivity to the Fillmore Philly stage, striking the crowd with her infectious music, unique style and undeniable energy. It seemed only fitting that Kodie was the only female to perform that night, sharing the stage with 3 other artists, all of them being men. She displayed a ferocity, passion and an unconventional tenacity that felt somewhat reminiscent of TLC, namely Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes.

Kodie Shane could undoubtedly hold her own up there as she continuously displayed to us the very reason that she belonged on that stage, right there next to every male artist on the tour’s lineup. Kodie Shane just released her brand new Blooming Vol. 1 EP on February 21st. In celebration of her new release, Kodie also shared an intimate, behind-the-scenes tour recap this past Friday (click here to view).

See more of Kodie Shane and view her full tour schedule here:

Following Kodie Shane, BlocBoy JB took the stage. BlocBoy had the place bouncing as he danced all over the stage to hit songs like ‘Chute’ and his collab with Drake, ‘Look Alive’. BlocBoy JB continued to give the crowd life and even took some time out of his set to honor the iconic Philly rapper that we all know and love, Meek Mill, by playing ‘Dreams and Nightmares,’ a song that, without fail, will always get this city fired up.

Chants of “We want Trippie!” followed BlocBoy JB’s set, as the crowd became increasingly anxious to see the headliner. When Trippie Redd finally emerged, he grinned as he busted through the gate placed in front of a large neon heart, just a small piece of his elaborate and theatrical stage design, and he was immediately greeted by thousands of screaming fans. Trippie came out with a spark, giving his fans the night that they had been waiting for: a chance to sing and rap their hearts out to the strong lyrics that Trippie’s songs always carry.

He played several songs from his new album A Love Letter to You 4, including ‘Who Needs Love‘  and ‘Love Me More.’ After expressing his love to the city of Philadelphia, Trippie turned back the clock with hits like ‘Shake it Up,’ and ‘BANG!,’ the latter of which sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

Unfortunately, the first part of Trippie Redd’s set was followed by a somewhat-lengthy break. Word on the street is that Trippie was feeling a little bit sick on Saturday night. In this case, we thank you for sticking it out, Trippie, and applaud your effort to show up for your abundance of Philly fans. While Trippie took a break, the DJ kept the crowd hot, highlighting famous singles from late rappers Juice WRLD (with ‘Lucid Dreams’) and Pop Smoke (with ‘Dior‘), respectively.

Trippie continued showing love to Juice when he returned, seamlessly getting back into his groove with an emotional rendition of ‘6 Kiss,’ and ‘1400 / 999 Freestyle.’ We all felt Trippie and Juice’s words in our souls as we remember [Juice WRLD] through his music.

Before it was time to say goodnight, we were taken all the way back to the very first volume of ‘A Love Letter to You’ album with ‘Love Scars,’ and the fierce Travis Scott collab, ‘Dark Knight Dummo,’ both of which had the crowd wishing the show could go on longer. Trippie ended the show on a high note, and gave love to everyone before he exited the stage. The fans kept dancing on their way out, still vibing high from the energy they received from the night’s performances.

Trippie Redd has had a rapid rise to superstardom in the current age of internet rappers, but he seems to bring something entirely unique to the table – whether it be his cutting lyrics, energetic and theatrical live performances, or his effortless swag (an unexpected combination of Kurt Cobain meets Lil Wayne and Billie Eilish), no one can seem to get enough of this 20 year-old singer-songwriter-rapper.

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