Trilladelphia: Two Days of Celebration in Philly

Trilladelphia, a two-day event held at numerous venues around Philly, kicked off on Friday, June 27th with a day time party (1pm-7pm) at Phila MOCA (the old Mad Decent HQ). The free of charge pre-party, thrown by Actual Records, showcased a discography of the label, free pizza, and DJ sets from members of the Actual Records and Mad Decent roster.

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The highlight of the pre-party was DJ Sega declared the event a private listening party and dropped some unreleased music on those in attendance. He said it wouldn’t be heard again until the Mad Decent Block Party at the end of July.

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Starting at 9pm, the first night of Trilladelphia got under way at Trilogy. The two floor venue featured two areas of sound, plenty of room to lounge and dance, and body painting from Bodypaint.ME. Philly’s top local talent was on display behind the decks all night long.

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The Twurkaholics and Moombaholics rosters were in the house (and a few of the other usual suspects from Actual Records) to kick the party off upstairs (as well as close it out with DJ Woogie).

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Downstairs there were two sets on the night that blew us away. The first was the Drum & Bass set that Mike Saga dropped. We adore Drum & Bass music and it was hard to pull ourselves away from it to check out the second floor during his set. However we did get upstairs for a bit to check out DJ Sega, Blaqstarr, DJ Reck, and Shawn Smallwood do their thing.

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Following Mike Saga downstairs was another fantastic set put together by Starkey B2B Dev 79. For the second time on Friday, we were treated to some unreleased music, this time from the mind of Starkey.

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Mad Decent owes much of its success to Dirty South Joe and Low Budget and two of the early pioneers dropped a filthy B2B set upstairs. After catching the majority of their set it was time for us to head home (although the party kept going) to save some of our energy for night two.

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The second night of Trilladelphia was held at District N9ne but some people didn’t get the memo. The event featured some top-notch talent, much of which was played to a sparse crowd.

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The night kicked off with a B2B set from BHB and LoveCityDJs who dropped an eclectic, genre bending set. We’re happy we showed up early to catch it!

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The line-up only got more impressive from there as Udachi, Jubilee, Bok Bok, Architekt, and headliner, Designer Drugs all took their turn spinning some slick beats on the District N9ne stage.

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Those who were there certainly got their money’s worth and those who weren’t really missed out on this one. Stay Trill, Philadelphia.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David J. Miller]

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