Trenton Experiences Life in Color (Dayglow) with Fedde Le Grand

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Life in Color (formerly Dayglow), one of our favorite events to cover here at Independent Philly, joined forces with one of our favorite DJs, Fedde Le Grand, on Friday, December 7th in Trenton, NJ.

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The event, which took place at the Sun National Bank Center, kicked off at 8pm. Legions of fans dressed in white and neon outfits were lined up outside when the doors opened and they poured inside from the cold, ready to party, dance, and get soaked in paint for the next five hours.

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Huge Euge had the opening set of the night and did an excellent job of warming up the venue with some tech-house jams as the crowd grew steadily in size.

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While some fans quickly pressed up against the barricade at the front of the stage, locking down their spot for the rest of the evening, others danced around the middle and back of the floor with their friends, their light up toys, and their rage faces.

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Apollo V was the second DJ of the evening and he kicked the energy up a notch. Moving from the DJ booth, to the front of the stage, and even climbing on top of the turntables, he had fans going hard (albeit not in the paint right away).

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During his set he was accompanied on stage by go-go dancers and aerialists. During this time the first sprays of paint also found their way into the crowd.

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Headliner Fedde Le Grand was up next and the place went absolutely bonkers. Fedde dropped numerous house-music bangers on the crowd while giant blasts of paint and confetti rained down from the stage.

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We spoke with fans who had come from Pennsylvania, New York, and all over New Jersey to party and regardless of where they hailed from, everyone was here to rage in the paint.

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Saturated with green, orange, pink, and blue paint, everyone from the fans at the back to the security guards in front of the stage, appeared to be having a fantastic time.

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The closing set of the night came from Life in Color’s David Solano who kept the madness at a fever pitch for the final 90 minutes of the night. When the clock struck 1am it was time for the sold-out crowd to head out into the chilly December night, still basking in the glow of a night spent living life in color.

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The production returns to our area for a mega-show at Bader Field in Atlantic City on New Year’s Eve with Steve Aoki, Tommy Trash, Adventure Club, and David Solano. You can get advanced tickets here to join in the fun one last time in 2012.

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