Tornado Time at Starlight Ballroom with Steve Aoki

Thursday, April 19th was a beautiful day in Philadelphia.

It was warm and sunny with a cool breeze. The skies remained clear as the sun set over the City of Brotherly Love.

Inside the Starlight Ballroom however, a storm was brewing as Mass EDMC, NV Concepts, and Steez Promo presented an evening with DJ Steve Aoki.

Although it remained cool outside, it quickly got hot and steamy inside the venue as opening sets from Jeff Heart and Bamboora got the crowd heated up.

By the time Steve Aoki took to the stage at midnight, it was sweltering hot, the perfect conditions for some severe weather.

Aoki wasted little time unleashing a auditory tornado on the crowd. It was quickly followed by severe champagne showers, hail the size of ice cubes, and thunderous booms of sheet cake.

Those in the front of the venue bore the brunt of the crazy weather. At one point it looked as if some fans had no choice but to ride out the storm in an inflatable raft.

It was sheer madness. Aoki dropped banger after banger, even mixing in a few brand new gems.

When 2am rolled around, the weather finally broke, the crowds parted, and only starlight was left behind.

You can view a full photo-gallery and some video from the event below:

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