Thunderdome at Soundgarden Hall Makes Fans Grin and Bare It

The DJ battle has been around since the dawn of… well, DJing. Being good, or even great at your craft is admirable, but better better THAN your peers, that’s the stuff of bragging rights.

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On Friday, May 3rd at Soundgarden Hall, a new monthly party called Thunderdome kicked off of with numerous DJ battles between some of Philly’s top EDM crews. In addition to the battles, there was a visually stunning stage show with fire dancers, fire eaters, and and metal sanders (which produce some serious displays of spark showers).

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On top of all of that, headliners Sluggo and Bare were on hand to provide the fire power for the line-up.

After the night kicked off with an hour long opening set by Michael Berry from 8-9pm, it was time for the battles to begin.

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The first battle pitted Brick Bandits’ DJ Reck vs. Dubstep Mafia’s Nobi & DJ Adub.

The evening’s second battle was a showdown between Glitch Squad’s Jack Deezl & Architekt vs. Psy Fi Production’s Redhat & Mr. Manic.

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The voting was not conducted by a panel of judges, but by the audience members themselves. Voting on their smart-phones via Soundgarden Hall’s new app, fans cast hundreds upon hundreds of ballets electronically. When the proverbial dust had settled, Dubstep Mafia and Psy Fi Productions won their respective battles.

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We would have liked to see a final show-down, five minutes per crew, between the two winners to crown a single champion… but we didn’t think about it for more than a few moments because up next was the fire-filled stage show.

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Visually stunning, the display of flames and sparks invoked images of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. It was hands down the best stage show we’ve seen at a show in Philly in quite some time.

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Up next was a set by dubstep DJ Sluggo who cranked up the volume and energy in Soundgarden Hall to another level.

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Sluggo’s set definitely had the joint bumping, and he went out on a high note ending on a bass-heavy remix of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to the delight of the Philly crowd.

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The night night culminated with a set by Bare.

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His hip-hop infused bass sound echoing through out the venue, the L.A. based DJ rocked the crowd, the mic, and the speakers like his life depended on it; had this been the actual Thunderdome, his life very well might have.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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