Thousands of Fans flock to the Flyers Wives Carnival

[ Photos and story by Rick Pettine ]

February 23, 2020 – PHILADELPHIA — This weekend, Flyers fans came to the Wells Fargo Center not for an NHL game, but for the 43rd annual Flyers Wives Carnival. The carnival is a fantastic community event where fans of all ages have a unique opportunity to meet and play games with their favorite players, coaches and alumni.  And the proceeds from the Carnival will benefit Flyers Charities.

The Flyers Charities proudly supports non-profit organizations that provide educational and recreational resources to underserved youth, engage in important medical and healthcare research, and promote countless community development initiatives. 

Twenty-three Flyers players participated, several Flyers player alumni, Phantom and Wings players donated their time for their charities and fans. This year’s carnival was jam packed with traditional and new attractions.including a tour of the players’ locker room. A new favorite was the human claw, where participants are dangled over a pit and lowered to pick up a surprise box.

A wonderful time was had by all, including the players who got to celebrate with their fan, especially after coming off a 3-game win streak that they hope to ride into the playoffs in the coming weeks.

Check out the full album of the carnival:

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