Things Get Grimey at First Unitarian Church

Canadian artist, musician, and video director, Claire Boucher is better known by her stage moniker “Grimes“.

On Thursday, March 22nd, she packed fans into the First Unitarian Church on Chestnut Street for a one of a kind performance.

Grimes show includes elements of music, art, dance, and the downright bizarre.

From her humble beginnings in Montreal she has produced four albums in just two years and developed a strong cult following along the way.

Hipsters, clutching their cans of PBR and vinyl copies of Grimes albums, pressed up to the stage, dancing themselves into a sweaty frenzy along with the performers on stage.

It was truly a sight to behold. If you didn’t have the chance to experience it first hand, the full photo gallery below should give you a little taste of what you missed. Enjoy!

[photo credits: Laura Warrington]

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