There Was a Zombie Had a Panda and Bingo Was His Name

We’re not sure how you spent your Friday night in the City of Brotherly Love but if you’re a Zombie, Panda, Bingo Player, or fan of any (or all) of them, there’s a good chance you were at the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street for a wild night of Underground Rebel Bingo.

Normally held under the guise of a far more wholesome activity, October’s meeting of the Underground Rebel Bingo club was not disguised as something else. Disguises however were in order, as this was the Zombie edition of the popular night of debauchery.

DJs Adrian Hardy, Tommy Up, and Sega provided all the musical fire power for the evening from the on-stage turntables.

Artists from were on hand to help Zombie-up the crowd with some fake blood and pale skin techniques.

And of course, there was Bingo. Rebel Bingo. Prizes given out included a megaphone, a roll-up piano, and several panda-themed items.

While many people came dressed as Zombies (or at least left at the end of the night dressed as Zombies), many others wore other Halloween costumes.

It was a thrilling evening for everyone in attendance. While there is no telling when or where the Underground Rebel Bingo Club will hold its’ next Philadelphia meeting, we highly suggest that  if you haven’t checked it out in person yet, that you make it a point to b-i-n GO!

You can check out a full photo slide show of all the fun below:

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