The White Panda Put on Bearly Legal Performance at Union Transfer

Mash-up DJs like White Panda are nothing new. Artists like Hollertronix (Diplo & Low Budget), Z-Trip, and Girl Talk have produced some of our favorite dance-your-ass-off, something-for-everyone, genres-be-damned live sets and albums of all time.

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On Thursday, June 27th Chicago mash-up duo The White Panda hit Union Transfer for an all-ages show with support from Aaron Ruxbin, LoveCityDJs, and Buddy Leezle from the Actual Records crew.

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Actual Records ability to pack any venue in the city, from a dingy warehouse to a mega club, to a mainstream concert venue was on full display as fans showed up by the hundreds when the doors opened at 8pm. While many shows around the city have a low turnout for the opening DJs, the following that Ruxbin & LCD have built was apparent by the sheer number of people who arrived for their sets.

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Due to a few technical difficulties, Ruxbin’s set didn’t last as long as intended, forcing LCD to step up to the decks early. What did he do with the curve ball he was thrown? Knock it out of the park.

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With Ruxbin hyping up the crowd on the mic while he tossed free t-shirts and records into the audience, LCD laid down some stellar tracks with precision mixing. Buddy Leezle hit the mic several times as well adding a live vocal element to the performance. It was 90 minutes of madness that had the feel of a headlining set.

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The White Panda hit the stage to a roar of cheers and cryo cannon blasts and had Union Transfer going bananas within seconds. From the packed dance floor below to the on lookers in the balcony above, everyone was rocking out, hard.

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Dropping mash-ups that incorporated everything from Nirvana to Carly Rae Jepson, 50 Cent to Led Zepplin, and Daft Punk to Marvin Gaye, The White Panda’s Dan Griffith & Tom Evans showcased their skills for the next two hours in their signature light-up Panda masks.

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When the show was over, the party continued at Voltage where the Actual Records after party kept the music going until 4am with a slew of local talent.

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White Panda’s 5th album, titled “Bearly Legal” dropped on June 10th and you can check it out right here (including a free download):

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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You can view an expanded photo gallery from Union Transfer and Voltage below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

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