The Struts at The TLA

The TLA was packed and full of energy on December 16 for a high octane show with The Struts. The crowd was indicative of the band’s wide ranging appeal, with fans both young and old throughout the venue.

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 Opening act ‘Cemetery Sun’ from California is a solid band in their own right, and lead singer Josh Doty has a fantastic voice.  The band’s songs are a mixture of rock, pop, R&B, and alternative that blend together seamlessly.

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The ‘Holy White Hounds’, another up and coming band, bridged the gap between Cemetery Sun and The Struts with ease. Their biggest hit, ‘Switchblade’, topped off the set.

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The Struts took the stage to a packed TLA crowd that most likely could have been more than three times the size if the TLA could accommodate more fans.  As it was, those in attendance were in for a treat in one of our favorite intimate venues in Philly. The Struts give their all, especially with frontman Luke Spiller’s palpable energy from start to finish echoing throughout the venue. The band has the perfect mix – crisp and technical musical precision, showmanship, crowd appreciation, and seemingly good values.

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The set kicked off with ‘Put Your Hands Up;, ‘Times are Changing’, ‘Could Have Been Me’, and, of course, included ‘Mary Go Round’ with Spiller on acoustic.

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‘Kiss This’, and ‘Put Your Money on Me’, are among a growing list of other fan favorites that the band, soaked in sweat, belted out to the crowd. The audience never stopped moving and bouncing, and erupted with joy when the announcement came that a new album is coming out in 2017.  We can’t wait to see what the new offering from The Struts has in store for us! This show was a reminder that rock n’ roll is still alive and well as 2016 comes to a close and were thrilled to have been there to witness it.

[Photos by: Rick Pettine]

[Article by David Miller and Rick Pettine]

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