The New Deal Plays Final Philadelphia Show

All good things must come to an end and on Wednesday night, The New Deal played their final show in Philadelphia. After our interview with keyboard player Jamie Shields last week, we knew this show was going to be epic.

Sonic Spank

The Theater of the Living Arts on South Street played host to a packed house of fans that came out to see the originators of Livetronica one final time.

The show, presented by Deathwaltz Media, also featured an opening set by Sonic Spank.

We hope you listened to us when we told you that this show was not to be missed. Whether you were a veteran of TND shows, or had never had the chance to see them live before, this show was the end game of a magical ride.

TND was scheduled to play two hour long sets (with a fifteen minute break in between). From the moment that Jamie, Darren, and Dan took the stage, the energy in the building was palpable. Fans knew this was something special, and TND knew it too.

DJ’s and electronica are becoming more and more mainstream, but livetronica acts offer a unique experience that DJ’s will never be able to rival. When you add in the fact that TND has no set list and allows the show itself to shape the song selection, you have a truly organic electronica experience.

The first set of the night was straight fire. Dan is a wizard on the bass, Darren’s skills on the skins are world-class, and Jamie’s keyboard melodies are the stuff of legends. When you combine them together you have the perfect storm.

The second set almost made us forget about the first set. Almost. Along with fan favorites they mixed in songs that hadn’t been played in ages, and other that hadn’t been played before, ever. When they finally exited the stage around 12:30am, the crowd, still hungry for more, chanted “One more set! One more set!”

Moments later, TND emerged from backstage and treated the crowd to one final thirty minute set, the last one they will ever play in Philadelphia (baring a reunion).

When the music ended, the Canadian trio signed autographs for fans until the venue staff finally made everyone leave.

There is nothing more magical than a final show. Knowing you are seeing a band perform that may never grace the stage again, makes you appreciate an already stellar show even more.

If you didn’t listen, and slept on the show last night, you have one final chance. Get to Baltimore tonight, or New York City over the weekend. After that, to get your fix of The New Deal, you’ll have to rely on footage/audio of old shows.

To view an expanded photo gallery from The New Deal’s finally Philly show,


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