The Lumineers at The Mann Center

On a hot and sticky Friday evening, September 9th, the Mann Center in Philadelphia housed an electric performance by Rayland Baxter, BØRNS, and The Lumineers. The heat and humidity did not put a damper on anyone as all three acts gave a performance full of energy and enthusiasm for the sold out crowd.

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As people began to fill the Mann Center, Rayland Baxter’s relaxed music provided the perfect environment to get settled and comfortable. After his set, a banner the height of the stage was revealed with BØRNS displayed across it, and before long the lead singer came spinning onto stage (literally). Their set was bursting with energy, and lead singer Garrett Borns didn’t hesitate in leaving the stage to dance with audience members while he sang. BØRNS ended their set by playing their popular hit ‘Electric Love’ and the crowd stood and sang along the entire time.

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After their set, a black curtain rose to cover the stage, and every seat began to fill as everyone waited for the headlining act. Eventually the lights dimmed, the curtain dropped, and The Lumineers were revealed and began the show with their song ‘Sleep on the Floor’. To the crowd’s delight, they followed this song with their most recent song, ‘Ophelia’. When they were about to perform their well known song ‘Ho Hey’, the lead singer, Wesley Schultz, requested that the audience put all of their phones away to make the experience a more intimate one. After several songs, the band revealed that they were then going to move from the main stage to a small stage that was right in between the seated sections and the lawn seats. The members of the band, escorted by security, all traveled through the audience and performed three songs at the top of the Mann Center. After these, they returned back to the main stage to perform the remainder of the show.

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Wesley calmed the show down for a moment, performing ‘Slow It Down’ independently on stage, but the energy was picked right back up when the rest of the band joined him back onstage. The energy continued to build, and the show was topped off with an explosion of confetti. The Lumineers then returned onstage for an encore that consisted of four songs, ending on the ever popular ‘Stubborn Love’.

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The Lumineers provided an exciting and interactive evening, making all of us forget about the temperature upwards of eighty degrees. It was a fantastic evening of music at one of our favorite venues in Philly.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Emily Holmquist]

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