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The Gorillaz: Musical Evolution

Cartoonist Jamie Hewlett Co-Founder of the Gorillaz

While  most Philadelphia sports fans were glued to a television set on Sunday night watching the Eagles or Phillies play, area music lovers flocked to the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ to see The Gorillaz play one of the first shows on their recent “Escape to Plastic Beach” tour.

Damon Albern: Co-Founder of The Gorillaz
Food for Thought

Independent Philly caught The Gorillaz performance in April when they closed out the final night of the Coachella Festival in front of a festival record crowd of over 70,000 fans. We were excited to see them play locally in a smaller, more intimate setting.

A Religious Experience

N.E.R.D. (which was originally a side project for The Neptunes) opened the show.

Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D.
Pharrell Williams
Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D

The Gorillaz were formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn (lead singer of the band “Blur”) and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett (who is best known for “Tank Girl”). Since that time they have sold well over 20,000,000 albums, collaborated with numerous musicians & vocalists, and played shows all over the world.

Jamie Hewlett’s Cartoons
The Gorillaz opened with a terrific animation of the cartoon band and
then played the music that went with a video: “Welcome to the World of
the Plastic Beach” Feat. Snoop Dogg dressed as a sea captain. It was fantastic.
Damon Albern

The band consists of four animated members: 2D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, and Murdoc Niccals. Damon Albarn is the only perminant non-animated band member.

The Gorillaz Animated Band Members
Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz

The Gorillaz (who are rarely seen in public and generally only appear in animated form) wowed the crowd at the SBC with hits like “Feel Good Inc.”, “Clint Eastwood”, “Stylo” “Demon Days” “Dirty Harry” and “Rock The House”.

The Gorillaz Deliver a Great Live Show

Their stage show (consisting of a large & versitile band, lights, and stunning video displays which showcase the animated band members) is truly mind-blowing and cannot be fully appreciated unless seen live and in person.

Up in Neon

You can check out the Gorillaz at

[Photo Credits: Rachel Newby]

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