The Freaks Came Out Last Night

With so much uncertainty swirling this week in the wake of hurricane Sandy, one truth remained steadfast: Halloween brings out the freaks in full force.

The place to be for EDM fans on All Hallows Eve was Soundgarden Hall on Delaware Avenue where Steez Promo presented a bass-heavy line-up hosted by Khadafi Dub with headliners Zomboy, Foreign Beggars, Emalkay, and Dieselboy (as well as local support from DJ Ruxbin and Jack Deezl of Actual Records).

Dressed in everything from elaborate costumes to skimpy lingerie, hordes of people packed into the venue when the doors opened at 8pm.

For the next seven hours, it was an onslaught of visual and auditory stimulation that not only featured the DJs but several MCs, stage performers, confetti, fake spiderwebs, and BYOB service in the 21+ area.

The night kicked off with DJ Ruxbin and progressed nicely though out the evening with each act bringing some serious heat and bass drop after bass drop. Things only got more freaky as the hours ticked away. It seemed that the loudest cheers of the night were reserved for Zomboy who played the second to last set of the show.

The night ended with Dieselboy on the decks who closed out the party until 3am. At that point, many fans headed off to the Actual Records after-party.

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one. You can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge). Please make sure to “like” Independent Philly on Facebook!

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