The Foo Fighters (with The Struts) at BB&T Pavilion

Beautiful Summer weather served as the perfect backdrop for fans tailgating outside of the BB&T Pavilion on Saturday, July 7, 2018, for the highly anticipated Foo Fighters concert.

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While many fans lingered outside, more than half of those in attendance were already in the seats when The Struts hit the stage. By the time they finished their opening slot, the venue was filled. After opening with ‘Put Your Hands Up’, the band transitioned into their newest single, ‘Body Talks’. Luke, Jed, Addo, and Geth never disappoint. Dave Grohl has repeatedly called them the best opening band for the Foo Fighters – ever.

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In at least their fifth local area appearance since December 2015, The Struts warmed up the audience with ease. They lit the fire with their hits and energy (on which Dave Grohl and the Foos eventually poured gasoline)! The Struts wrapped up their eight-song set with ‘Could Have Been Me’ and ‘Where Did She Go’.

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We have never seen a more energetic band than the Foo Fighters, fronted by the energizer bunny incarnate, Dave Grohl. Opening with ‘All My Life’ and ‘Learn To Fly’, Grohl pumped up the screaming capacity crowd and belted out iconic Foo Fighters’ lyrics (with the audience singing along to every word).

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After just two songs, Grohl was downright drenched in sweat (and a few cups of water, poured on his head to stay cool) which just added to the sprays of liquid flying from his hair. The Foo Fighters’ massive twenty-song set included their portfolio of popular songs, and also paid homage to several other legendary artists including Queen, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, and the Ramones. Their cover of Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’ was especially enthralling with Taylor Hawkins and The Struts ’ Luke Spiller on vocals, and Dave Grohl (reliving his Nirvana days) on drums.

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The Foo Fighters capped off their performance with ‘Best of You’ before leaving the stage to a massive roar of applause. The band intended to open their encore with ‘Generator’ but obliged a fan request and replaced the song with ‘Big Me’ before ‘Times Like These’ and of course, ‘Everlong’. If the Foo Fighters aren’t on your list of must-see bands in your lifetime already, trust us, it’s time to add them. We have seen them countless times and the show never gets stale or dialed in. It is high-velocity entertainment from beginning to end.

[Photos by Rick Pettine]

[Article by David Miller and Rick Pettine]

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