The Concretes Lay Foundation for Musical Delight in Fishtown


The Concretes First Ever Philadelphia Show

Monday, January 24th was one of the coldest days we can remember in Philadelphia. With temperatures topping off around 17 degrees (during the day) it would have been easy to just stay curled up on the couch with a warm drink and a good book. It also would have meant we would have missed a stellar show by The Concretes at Johnny Brenda’s.


The Concretes Lead Singer Maria Eriksson
Martin Hansson

The Concretes, from Sweden, hadn’t toured the U.S. in over four years until their current tour kicked off earlier this month, and this was their first ever show in the City of Brotherly Love. After our recent interview with members of the band, we were thrilled to get to see them perform live in our city.


Hooray For Earth
Hooray For Earth Opening for The Concretes

The evening of music opened with support  from the band “Hooray for Earth” who had already been touring with The Concretes for a few weeks. Their angst filled rock reminded us of something we would have listened to in our bedroom as teenagers after a bad break-up with our boy or girlfriend.


Maria Eriksson
Feeling the Music

Johnny Brenda’s is one of those great venues that are large enough to hold a modest crowd but small enough that bands can mingle with fans at the bar before they take the stage. The Concretes definitely took advantage of this, checking out “Hooray for Earth” along with the rest of the crowd.

Finally, around 10:45 PM, the band took the stage and played their first show (we hope of many) in Philadelphia.


Psychedelic Scenes of The Concretes
Psychedelic Scenes of The Concretes 2

Playing songs both old and new, the band got fans up on their feet dancing, clapping, and toe-tapping along with their disco infused sound. Simply put, we had a blast and strongly suggest that if you have the chance to catch them on another leg of their U.S. tour that you definitely take advantage.


Psychedelic Scenes of The Concretes 3
Psychedelic Scenes of The Concretes 4

Please enjoy a few videos we shot of their performance last night below:

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