The Bloody Beetroots Play Bloody Fantastic Live Show at the TLA

The Bloody Beetroots are like the musical equivalent of Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich. The King liked to combine bananas, peanut butter, and bacon together to form a glorious combination of some of the greatest foods to ever grace our taste buds.

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The Bloody Beetroots combine our favorite musical and stylistic elements of EDM, rock, pop, and punk into a sound, image, and live show that satisfies our intense hunger for sick beats, wailing guitar riffs, screaming lyrics, and sparking melodies in one delicious treat.

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We’ve seen the Beetroots several times before, but it was always on a grand stages at events like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. Playing for crowds of thousands and thousands of people, their show was one of, if not the highlight of our experiences at these festivals.

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On Sunday, May 19th, we got to see them in an entirely different way. The festival stages, so large that they can easily dwarf any act, were replaced by the much more intimate stage of the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia. The gigantic sea of fans was boiled down to a crowd of a few hundred music lovers.

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The result was a show (presented by Live Nation and Steez Promo) that was pure magic. We often throw around praise for shows we cover. We’re lucky, we get to cover a slew of amazing events. However, we almost never call a show the best one we’ve seen all year. This show was worthy of that title (to this point in 2013). Full concert boner status.

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L.A. DJ/producer Valentino Khan was already whipping the crowd at the TLA into a frenzy when we arrived. While the venue wasn’t packed to the gills, it was filled nicely with fans in the know, fans who knew the spectacle that were about to witness.


Around 1030pm The Bloody Beetroots hit the stage to a loud roar of cheers. Front man Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, who always performs in a black Venom (from Spiderman) mask (with light-up eyes), hit the stage with his usual flair alongside band mates Battle (synths) and Edward Grinch (drums).

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Rifo, who is easy to identify by the “1977” tattoo on his chest (an homage to both his birth year and the dawning of Punk-Rock) wasted no time hamming it up for the crowd, shaking hands, moving around the stage (to play guitar riffs for everyone in the front row), pressing his microphone into the audience, and even spitting and spraying (bottled) water onto fans.

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Moving between his piano, vocals on the microphone stand, and his guitar (which he even played atop the drum kit at one point), Rifo was magnificent as The Bloody Beetroots exuded a Sex Pistol’s type punk aura. Their sound effortlessly combined a multitude of genres and flavors unlike anyone else on the scene today. The audience ate up every last morsel, as they danced themselves into a hot, sweaty frenzy.


When they finally left the stage, the crowd immediately began to chant “One More Song, One More Song”! Happy to oblige, The Beetroots returned for several more songs, kicking the energy level in the TLA up a notch from an already fevered pitch. The show, from beginning to end, was bloody fantastic. If you missed it, it’s a bloody shame. It’s hard to imagine seeing anything that will top it anytime soon.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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