Tchami at The Trocadero

Do you ever stop to think and question the things around you? Maybe you’ve had some queries… could they have been spiritual in nature? If so, let’s pray that you were at the legendary Trocadero Theatre on Thursday night, February 16 to experience a prophecy unlike any other. Philadelphia fans were lucky enough to have future house phenom, ‘Tchami’, swing through the city on his ‘Prophecy Tour’ along with support from Mercer. With Tchami’s massive rise to stardom over the last two years, the French priest has become a major staple in electronic music and has developed a dedicated fan base stretching to every corner of the globe. It’s clear that his fans in the North East were not willing to miss his show in Philly on Thursday as the event sold-out before doors even opened. With the city buzzing and ready for his return, the night was set to be impeccable, and that’s exactly how it turned out.

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Opening duties were handled by Mercer who threw down an absolute heater of a set. With his own style of future house being somewhat similar to Tchami’s, there was a slight fear that the sets would be too similar and fans would get bored of the genre by the end of the night. However, similar to how DJ Snake’s ‘Pardon My French Tour’ succeeded last year, both artists were able to take the stage and bring their own flavor to the crowd one fire track after another. Mercer’s clean mixing added an aspect of professionalism that we thoroughly enjoyed. The crowd was warmed up and ready for the prophecy to be spoken.

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As Tchami took the stage to extremely loud roars from the audience, his production set up was revealed: a masterpiece of lighting and sound that honed in on the best aspects of an electronic music atmosphere. It seemed that anyone could enjoy the show, regardless of what their expectations were. We saw kids out with friends enjoying the night in jerseys and shorts, businessmen rocking their suits and relieving the stress of the work week, and old school rave homies who were rocking their longtime outfits and shuffling dance moves. Tchami brought them all together for truly what was one hell of a show.

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Playing a large range of styles and tracks, the frenchman annihilated the crowd who seemed to react with a greater degree of passion to each drop as the night progressed. The Troc was banging from top to bottom with sweat dripping down from the walls. Tchami’s stage presence was unreal as he stayed calm, cool, and collected throughout his set, continuing to pull tracks from areas we never would have expected. This was one hell of a show, and The Trocadero was the perfect venue to host. In this intimate setting, fans from all over the city came together to witness the power of the future of house music. Thank you Tchami. We hope to see you back so very soon.

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[Article by Adam Leopold]

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