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Interview with Greg Seltzer

Interview with Greg Seltzer. We sat down for an interview with Greg Seltzer, the Founder of Philly Music Fest, and got all the information we need on this non-profit music festival that funnels all of its earnings right back into the City of Brotherly Love (after paying its musicians, of course!) September 25th through the […]

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Little Daylight at World Cafe Live

Take a moment to think about all of those bands who have blown up over the past few years, going from almost obscurity to a household name in what seems like the blink of an eye. Friends will tell stories about how they saw them in some tiny bar, nightclub, or concert venue playing for […]

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St. Lucia at World Cafe Live

Brooklyn’s “St. Lucia” is one of those acts that found its way onto our radar over the past year and has been pinging our hearts with synth-laden blips ever since. From the moment we laid ears on Jean-Philip Grobler’s debut album ‘When The Night’ we were entranced by the atmospheric melodies, 80’s infused synthesizers, and the […]

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Daley at World Cafe Live

Daley’s show at World Cafe Live on Monday, December 3rd (his first ever in Philadelphia) was sold out before the doors opened. Having never seen him before (which makes a lot of sense being that this is his first U.S. tour) we were a little surprised to hear it was sold-out. Because despite the fact […]

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Idle Warship Kills It at World Cafe Live

Collaborations are all the rage these days, but few offer music fans the aesthetic bliss that is produced by Idle Warship. Hip-hop superstar Talib Kweli, and Philly’s own soulful songstress Res, first started making music together several years ago. However, it wasn’t until recently that the duo released their first official collaboration “Habits of the […]

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