Underground Arts

The Great Enough at Underground Arts

It’s been a while since we’ve covered a show at Underground Arts, but we had to sneak in one last show there before 2017 came to a close. We realized that we missed catching shows at the venue as we exited the frigid night and entered the venue on Saturday, December 30th. Maybe this show […]

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Dieselboy and Trollphace at Underground Arts

Back before EDM culture was mainstream, Philadelphia was a mecca of Drum & Bass music in America. Weekly events, like Platinum (at Fluid Nightclub with Dieselboy and a stable of top-notch MCs), and Concrete Jungle (at Skyline) packed fans in to see some of the biggest names in the genre like Roni Size, Goldie, Andy […]

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Rufus Du Sol at Underground Arts

On Wednesday, October 8 we decided to head over to Underground Arts to check out up-and-coming artists ‘Rufus Du Sol’. Rufus Du Sol has been on a tear recently, receiving much attention from music fanatics for their highly acclaimed ‘Desert Night’ EP. Weekdays are always a hard sell for any concert in Philadelphia, and as […]

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Holiday Leftovers: You Can Still Enjoy That Dirty Turkey!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the weekend, and now Cyber Monday is upon us. Most of us have spent the last five days filling our bellies and emptying our wallets. Looking back, all of the festivities kicked off the night before Thanksgiving on what has become the biggest bar/club night of the year. There were a slew […]

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DJ Dan’cing The Night Away at Monster Bash 2012

October might just be our favorite month here at Independent Philly. As the month rolls on, the frequency of Halloween inspired events grow greater by the day. This year we popped our Halloween cherry eleven days before All Hallows Eve. It was a no-brainer (you hear that Zombies? Nothing to see here, move along) that […]

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