Theater of the Living Arts

Juicy J at the TLA

If you’re a fan of Rap music, Pop music, or the increasingly blurry grey area between the two genres, you’ve no doubt heard of Juicy J. From his early days in ‘Three 6 Mafia’, to his recent appearance on the Grammy’s (performing ‘Dark Horse’ with Katy Perry), to his interview with Independent Philly last month, […]

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ZZ Ward at The TLA

Admittedly, we knew little about ZZ Ward or her music before we caught her set at Firefly Festival in 2013. However, from the moment she took the stage on that hot summer day and began to sing, we were instantly smitten. Her soulful voice captivated us and we knew we’d relish the chance to see […]

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Interview with ZZ Ward

What do you get when you roll Blues, Soul, and Hip-Hop into one? None other than twenty-something songstress ZZ Ward. Her voice is infectious and her talent undeniable. From the moment we laid ears on her music we were hooked. We saw her on stage at Firefly Festival last summer but have yet to have […]

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Paper Diamond, Loudpvck, and Gent & Jawns at The TLA

The TLA packed fans in on Thursday, February 6th for another great night of music featuring ‘Gent & Jawns’, ‘Loudpvck’, and headliner, ‘Paper Diamond’. The night also included an opening set by Actual Records head-honcho, Aaron Ruxbin. Ruxbin kicked off with a set that wasn’t quite as eclectic as some of the recent ones we’ve […]

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EOTO with Emalkay & ELM at The TLA

Steez Promo’s 2014 season roared to life on Saturday, February 1st, with an action packed night at The TLA featuring ELM, Emalkay, and two headlining sets from EOTO. The 5+ hour show kicked off at 8pm with a B2B set by locals Ethan Dubb and Mojo Risin. The crowd was a little slow to show […]

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