Penn’s Landing

ID Festival 2012: New Venue, New Sounds, Same Old Good Time

We rolled into the venue at around 430pm due to an overload of traffic on I-76. It seemed as though everyone was heading to Identity Festival at Festival Pier on Penn’s Landing on July 29, 2012. Although the weather was just a tad below scorching, Noisia had no problem getting the crowd roaring and singing […]

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The 5th Annual Roots Picnic, Now a Two-Day Affair

The annual Roots Picnic concert celebrated its fifth anniversary this year. 2012 marked the first time that the show was expanded to two days, Saturday, June 2nd, and Sunday, June 3rd. Both days took place at the Festival Pier on Penns Landing and featured two stages. We’ll give you a separate break down of each day […]

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Philly’s Festival Pier Gets Loaded

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, May 12th in Philadelphia: 80 degrees with abundant sunshine. For EDM fans, it was the perfect day to flock to the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing to get Loaded. Loaded Festival, presented by Steez Promo and Live Nation, was a nine-hour auditory onslaught, chock full of local and international […]

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Dayglow Philadelphia: Paint Pops Off at Penns Landing

After two sold-out shows at Penn State University, the Dayglow tour rolled into Philadelphia on Friday, April 13th to invade the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing. The show, another sell-out, featured DJ sets by Aiden Scott, BetaTraxx, Chuckie, and David Solano. It was a beautiful day weather wise and the sun was shining brightly without […]

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Deadmau5: Rain and Rodents Rage at Festival Pier

Friday night brought another round of intense downpours to the Philadelphia area (which has seen more rain over the past two months than anything in recent history). Rain was no deterrent for the rabid fans of DJ Deadmau5 who brought his high energy mixes and intense light show to the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing. […]

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