Dead and Company at Wells Fargo Center

It was a night to remember for Grateful Dead fans at Wells Fargo Center on November 16 as ‘Dead and Company’ (members of the original Grateful Dead with John Mayer) took fans on a trip down memory lane.

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Multiple generations of Dead Heads packed the Wells Fargo Center for a night of psychedelic rock music, dancing bears, acid flashbacks, and a visually stunning light show. The two-set show began on a slowed down cover of ‘Dancing in the Street’ by Martha and The Vandellas which had the crowd twirling and swaying from the get-go (and of course cheering when the band sang the line “Philadelphia, PA”) and Mayer and Bob Weir traded off on vocals.

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Three Grateful Dead covers followed: ‘Ramble on Rose’, ‘Row Jimmy’, and ‘Friend of the Devil’, with Mayer taking some unexpected liberties with his vocals. They rounded out their first set with two more Dead covers – ‘West L.A. Fadeaway’ and ‘Let It Grow’.

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After the break, the second set kicked off with a drawn-out jam that worked its way into a half-hour long rendition of ‘Dark Star’ to the delight of the crowd. Some other highlights of the second set included an uptempo version of ‘Deal’, a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’, and lead singer musical charis on ‘Going Down The Road Feeling Bad’ with Mayer, Weir, and Oteil Burbridge all taking turns behind the mic. ‘Black Muddy River’ served as the encore before the band packed it up for the evening.

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Despite the sky-high ticket prices, almost all of the Dead and Company fans we spoke to really felt that they got their money’s worth from the performance and were grateful for the chance to see the current form of one of their all-time favorite bands grace the stage in 2017.

[Photos by Rick Pettine]

[Article by David Miller & Rick Pettine]

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We Need Daft Punk in Philly, Even If It’s Just One More Time

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For almost every fan of electronic music, having the chance to see Daft Punk perform live is holding down a top spot on their bucket list. Unfortunately for those who have become fans in the past few years, there hasn’t been any opportunity to see the elusive French duo grace a stage, venue, or festival.

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Daft Punk has been one of my favorite acts, from any genre of music, since I first saw them live at Shampoo Nightclub back in 1997. I was sitting against a speaker box when they dropped their recent (at the time) track “Da Funk”. I was hooked.

DSC_2040 copy

DSC_1749_h copy

For the next decade I dreamed of seeing them perform again. I bought every one of their album. I scoured through crates and bought unreleased remixes on vinyl in tiny record stores in London, England. I waited, and waited, and waited.

DSC_1949_h copy

DSC_1682_h copy

Finally, in 2007, I was able to see Daft Punk two more times on their “Alive” tour. The shows, at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn and the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, are still two of the greatest experiences of my life.

DSC_1695_h copy

Since that time there have been many rumors of new albums, new tours, and new appearances. All have proven to be just that, rumors. The most recent report (within the past week) has them signing a new deal with Sony and releasing a new album this Spring.

DSC_1684_h copy

In other genres of music, most notably Rock, tribute (or cover) bands are a long standing tradition. Tribute bands for Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and countless others have become so popular that they sell out shows themselves. Some tribute bands go so far as to recreate specific shows of the the original band using the exact same set-list. These bands often so successful because fans aren’t able to see the original band because they have broken up, members have passed away, or they just don’t tour anymore.

DSC_1673_h copy

If you think about it, almost every DJ set is a tribute to numerous other producers/DJs as the performer is playing other producers music (often adding their own flavor to it). Being that Daft Punk hasn’t toured in over five years, it isn’t at all surprising that a Daft Punk tribute act, One More Time, has stepped in to fill the void. One More Time replicates the pyramid stage set, chrome helmets, and light up jump-suits from the “Alive” tour.

DSC_1688_h copy

On Saturday, January 26th, they headlined a show at the Theater of the Living Arts. The event, presented by Steez Promo, also featured opening DJ sets by Deep C, Speaker For the Dead, and Nysus.

DSC_1818 copy

After all of the openers had thoroughly warmed up the crowd, One More Time hit the stage just  before 12:30am to a roar of cheers. For the next 75 minutes they dropped Daft Punk anthems infused with their own remixes. It might not have been the real deal, but it was damn near close. As a Daft Punk addict I’d been jonesing for this for half a decade and while it might not have been a pure dose, it was certainly enough for a solid fix. The crowd was not as big as I’d anticipated it would be but everyone there was robot rockin’ out hard.

DSC_1949 (2) copy

When the show ended, I hoped they would return one more time, for one more song. Alas, the set was over, and I was forced to return to Daft Punk limbo, praying that this Spring will play host to a new album, and a long awaited tour. In the meantime, I would be happy to see One More Time, several more times.

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You can watch video of the show, and check out additional photos below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

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