Future at The Fillmore

Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ tour one was of the most anticipated concerts Philadelphia had been looking forward to for months. The show, on Sunday, February 28th, included ‘Chynna’, a hometown artist from Philly who was a great addition to the already stacked line-up.

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After Chynna, one of the main attractions of the night, ‘Ty Dolla $ign’ took the stage. Ty has a very unique type of music. His energy and composure on stage speaks to that, and he turned The Fillmore into a mosh pit while performing “Irie” and then singing to the crowd as he performed “Or Na”. With the new release of his album “Free TC” he had plenty of classics like “Saved” to perform (with the crowd singing along to every word). Ty Dolla $ign loves to party and loves to party with his fans. All though he did not stage dive at this show, he could not have connected better with his fans. Nobody wanted his set to end, but when Ty’s set finally concluded there was about a 20 minute break while stage production put together Future’s set.

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When Future finally made his entrance, the venue went absolutely nuts. He appeared out of a thick mist performing his hit “Thought It Was A Drought” and from then on the show really kicked it up several notches. Future first teased the crowd with some of his older hits like “Move That Dope” and “Same Damn Time” and his on-screen graphics and lasers made the show like none other. After performing some of his earlier hits, Future started performing current tracks from his album (with Drake), like “What A Time To Be Alive”. When the intro to “Jumpman” came on, the crowd went so wild you could feel the floor shake.

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That same energy was reciprocated by Future right back to his fans. The song that truly blew the roof off the venue was when DJ Esco, Future’s DJ, dropped “March Madness”. This was definitely one of the best Hip-Hop shows we have been to in a while, can’t wait for Future to come back this summer for the annual Roots Picnic.

[Photos & Article by: Sam Cones]

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