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Voyage Into Dreamz: Bumping Beats on a Boat

Nothing screams “great party” like an odd cake. And, much like the legendary ride of Paul Revere, it’s one great time if by land, and two if by sea. After the success of their 2012 “Titanic” themed boat party, Oddcake was back on the dock in 2013 to present “Voyage into Dreamz”. So what’s the […]

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We Need Daft Punk in Philly, Even If It’s Just One More Time

For almost every fan of electronic music, having the chance to see Daft Punk perform live is holding down a top spot on their bucket list. Unfortunately for those who have become fans in the past few years, there hasn’t been any opportunity to see the elusive French duo grace a stage, venue, or festival. […]

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DJ Dan’cing The Night Away at Monster Bash 2012

October might just be our favorite month here at Independent Philly. As the month rolls on, the frequency of Halloween inspired events grow greater by the day. This year we popped our Halloween cherry eleven days before All Hallows Eve. It was a no-brainer (you hear that Zombies? Nothing to see here, move along) that […]

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21,000 Beats Under The Sea Takes Partying to New Depths

On Friday night at club Voyeur in center city Philadelphia, Disorient and Space Pirates held a pirate, sea creature, monsters of the deep themed party called “21,000 Beats Under The Sea” (the follow up to last year’s “20,000 Beats Under the Sea”). Voyeur was transformed into an under water, glow-in-the-dark playground, where party people, dressed […]

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The Arts Garage Gets ROC’d by Carnival

On Saturday night, at the Arts Garage (1533 Ridge Avenue) in Philadelphia, ROC threw their first annual “Carnival” party which combined elements of electronic music culture with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of an old school carnival. Inside the Arts Garage, party people sipped on drinks and danced the night away in multiple rooms […]

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