Beats Antique

Beats Antique at The TLA

Philadelphia was sent down the rabbit hole as ‘Beats Antique’ brought a tour to the TLA that we will not soon forget. As another beautiful evening came upon us on Sunday, October 16th the crowd began pouring into the Theater of the Living Arts. Fans came from far and wide to see the long awaited […]

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Mysteryland USA 2015

Mysteryland USA, the second installment in the American chapter of the popular music festival, was an extravagant weekend full of great music, excellent culture and good vibes. Mysteryland USA 2015 was a festival of exceeded expectations. The lineup was fresh and full of variety, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the impending crowd […]

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Interview with Beats Antique

We sat down with all three members of Beats Antique before their show at the TLA on October 24th, 2013. You can check out that interview right here:

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Beats Antique’s Thousand Faces Tour at The TLA

Beats Antique rolled into the TLA on South Street on Thursday, October 24th with all of the majesty that we’ve come to expect from the quirky trio. We cover a lot of concerts here at Independent Philly but Beats Antique’s ‘Thousand Faces’ tour is more than a mere concert, it is a proper show. Not […]

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Counterpoint Music Festival: First and Foremost

2012 was a huge year for concert festivals and an even bigger year for the multi-day events that focused on the many sub-genres of electronic dance music. While several festivals returned to celebrate another year, there were also several festivals that were held for the first time. Of these brand new 2012 events, the one […]

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